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eMeals 30 Minute Meal Plan

So I was in a rut with cooking and so I tried this. The meals are very good. And it is fantastic to just go through pick which ones you want to make and have a ready made grocery list! But I find I am really going over budget every week, so I probably won’t be able to keep it going. Check it out!

eMeals 30 Minute Meal Plan Review

Haven’t really used made any of the meals yet, so not sure it was worth my purchase. -Read Reviews-

The meal plans are okay. I was never able to use a complete week of plans because my family didn’t like many of the recipes. There are quite a few plans available, and the subscriber is able to switch between plans. I tried several of the plans, but I wasn’t able to use the full week of recipes with any of the plans because they didn’t suit my family. As I stated, my family wasn’t trilled with the recipes, so I stopped using the service. Meanwhile, the credit card that I had on file with this company expired. This business charged my current card for another year without notifying me. Caveat Emptor.

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