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El Amor De Mi Tierra

"Fruta Fresca" is simply fabulous. It’s the song he performed on the Latin Grammys and one that I always want to play over and over. Written by Vives, it’s overflowing with life and emotion. Oh ! to be loved with such passion. ..the object of his affection is a very fortunate woman. Of the other 10 tracks, "La Receta" is a favorite, and the rendition of "La Piragua" is a knockout. This CD is an Emilio Estefan production, and the arrangements and musicianship are superb thoughout. Mayté Montero on gaitas, Egidio Cuadrado on acordeón, and Andrés Castro on guitarra are a delight to listen to. The booklet is nice though you’ll need a magnifying glass to read the lyrics, but you’ll be dancing to these great rhythms instead of reading anyway. .."Si si si/ este amor es tan profundo/ que tu eres mi consentida/ que lo sepa todo el mundo" Check it out!

Colombian singer Carlos Vives continues his exploration of the sounds of his homeland on El Amor de Mi Tierra, a lush collection that also includes rumba, cumbia, and Caribbean rhythms anchored by an earthy, folksy flavor. Vives, a former television actor, polishes it with a glowing pop sheen, thanks to solid production from Latin-music mogul Emilio Estefan. The pair work wonderfully together on tracks such as “Tu Amor Eterno,” “El Cante,” “La Receta,” and especially “Fruta Fresca,” a desperately romantic moment that has become Vives’s biggest radio hit. Vocally, Vives keeps his delivery suitably grounded, working within the infectious rhythms of the music instead of fighting against it or struggling to remain on top. It makes for a consistently engaging, refreshingly uncomplicated musical experience. –Joey Guerra




El Amor De Mi Tierra Review


Promises so much but missed the mark more often than not. -Read Reviews-

awesome Cd! thanks for making me feel like A Colombian.

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