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Echoes of Nature: Frog Chorus

So . .. i bought this b/c a we liked the idea of wildlife songs playing in the background as ambient music. Little did I know that it would also attract thousands of treefrogs to my home. Thousands of tree frogs climbing the windows the walls, hanging out int he trees and chirping endlessly. All was well till they all descended and began humping and grinding on my house. It was like an ecstasy fueled rave and my house was the epicenter. So many horny frogs, grinding and humping my house. My poor house. It will never be clean again. Check it out!

As if seated at the edge of a marsh you will soon feel surrounded with the calming croakings of your very own platoon of ever watchful friends, the frogs. Enjoy a frog duet and the relaxing sound of frogs singing along side running water. Finally, under the moonlight, relax to an ever changing frog chorus.This product is manufactured on demand using CD-R recordable media. ‘s standard return policy will apply.




Echoes of Nature: Frog Chorus Review


perfect relaxation before going to sleep. Very soothing. -Read Reviews-

I know it may seem weird and I thought the same until I listened to it a few times now I cant stop listening to frogs when I go to bed these really do help me to sleep I would recommend them to anyone who wants to sleep better. give it a few days to get use to it

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