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Ebax Minimalist Slim Wallet With Elastic Front Pocket Card Holders And Cash

I have searched a long time for a slim wallet and I can say I found it now it’s the EbaxIt’s beautiful designed compact and slimI was able to put all my cards from my wallet inside this Ebax slim walletIt’s a 2 In 1 solution you can use it both sides which is really amazing for meIt fits so perfect in my jeans and looks good my friend asked me if I stopped using my wallet because he didn’t saw anything bumping out from my jeans, I told him yes I finally purchased the Ebax slim wallet all in one. Check it out!

Unique Design Minimalist Slim Front Pocket WalletKey Features: 3 utility compartments. Holds 6-8 cards comfortably. Only put cash headphones& bills in the top slot  This is 2in1 wallet you can use 3pocket or 1 big pocket. It is actually two wallets in one: You can also simply flip the Ebax Wallet inside out to change the pocket configuration. The outer card slots turn into snug sleeve compartments that you can access from either side, making it easier to stash and retrieve triple folded bills or tiny essentials. Long Lasting Ebax products are designed to be both attractive and long-lasting. Our focus on  Craftsmanship, combined with a little bit of modern-day swag helps us deliver beautiful accessories that last.   At Ebax we are committed to deliver best product quality to our customers . We want you to be completely satisfied with your order. If for some reason you are not satisfied with your product  Kindly inform us  and we will take immediate action to resolve this issue. TIME TO ACT, instead of just reading about the perfect front pocket card wallet for you, why don't you actually get this one for yourself or Friends and family? They will thank you for it. Press the add to cart button now. Hope You Enjoy Our wallet

Ebax Minimalist Slim Wallet With Elastic Front Pocket Card Holders And Cash Review

I’ve used front wallets, minimalist wallets for as far back as I can remember. I’ve bought a lot of cool wallets, in a lot of styles, but none seemed to be just right. They all seemed to lack something. So I keep looking. When this wallet first showed up, I wasn’t sure. It’s extremely light. Looked small at first glance (unstretched). Once I started loading my cards and stuff into it, I realized I was wrong. Plenty of space for all my cards inside which is nice. One side had a bigger spot for my rarely used cards, and the other side had 2 thinner slots for a card or 2. I loved that, as I can keep the cards I use most often on that side, not having to sift through a pile of cards for just one. The elastic material is great. No more digging and prying cards from tight slots. Since the wallet has so much space inside for cards, there’s no need to have to put overflow cards that don’t fit on the outside in the band’s. I was happy to have those open. All of my cash goes perfectly in one side, and the other I tuck receipts, or business cards I quickly pick up, whatever. It’s open for whatever, which is rare having so much room in such a small wallet. I typically don’t write reviews, and never one’s of this size. But I am also not typically this happy with something I buy. I don’t need to keep an eye open all the time for a better wallet, I’ve found it. I will be buying another, so I can have a color change here and there. With all that being said, I would highly suggest this wallet. -Read Reviews-

BEAUTIFUL MATERIAL COMBINATION This Slim wallet Made with the finest full grain genuine 100% authentic Italian Suede Leathe & Nylon Elasticr for extra durability.!

SMART CONSTRUCTION: built with cleverly designed construction, The Ebax wallet is extremely slim & light weight.

Beautiful Material Combination Slim Wallet Made with the Finest Full Grain Italian Suede Leathe & Nylon Elasticr for Extra Durability

Smart Construction: Built with Cleverly Designed Construction, the Ebax Wallet Is Extremely Slim & Light Weight.

Transforming Features You Can Transform It into a Secret Wallet and Wear on Your Belt or on a Neck Strap.

Quick Access Front Pocket Easily Access Your Most Frequently Used Cards. Durable Elastic Construction Holds Cards and Cash Securely in Place, for Allows Quick and Easy Access You Need to Extract the Elastic.

Holds All You Need This Ultra Slim Credit Card Sleeve Holds up to 6-8 Cards Any Its Perfect for Men and Women

Excellent little wallet for people that hate carrying a big wallet in their back pocket. It will easily hold your cash and a few cards and fit comfortably in your front pocket, unless you’re into skinny jeans or something, I guess, but that’s a pants problem, not a wallet problem.

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