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Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter Compression Cube Set - 2pc Set

Proof is in the pictures. ..A full-length, wool trenchcoat and scarf compressed down to the size of a legal sheet of paper. Hard as a brick and very difficult to zipper, but it worked. I travel between cold and warm climates and there is nothing worse than lugging a wool coat all around CA because my latter week appointments are in NYC or Boston. I can now stash the whole coat in my computer bag. On average, I would say this compresses clothing to half size. I have 2 bags — an overnight barding bag and a 21" — where I can pack 2 & 5 days in each respectively. I was able to get 5 tees, undies, and socks along with 3 dress shirts into my overnight now. I don’t think it will be life-changing, but should allow me to avoid the gate-check on the small commuter jets. I bought a second set to segregate dirty clothes. Check it out!

New ultra lightweight cubes now with even more compression. Customize packing space and keep clothing and accessories organized in these two translucent compression cubes.

Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter Compression Cube Set – 2pc Set Review

For almost three weeks in January and February, we’ll be in Lofoten, Norway (68 North, above the Arctic Circle) and then in the Swiss Alps (13,000+ ft elevation). For a deep winter trip to both destinations, I ordered two Eagle Creek Pack-It Compression Cube Sets and two Eagle Creek Specter Compression Cube Sets. In 40+ years of traveling all over the world, we’ve only checked our luggage once. This time, as almost always, we will only have carry-ons. My husband will carry a Kestrel 48, and I, an Osprey Kyte 36. For personal items, we will have a Think Tank Retrospective 20 camera bag and an Induro tripod. That’s all. When *not* being filled to the maximum capacity, both backpacks will be within the carry-on allowance on a cheap European budget airlines. Still, I want to be certain that what I ordered from Eagle Creek will compress everything and in turn, making the backpacks look more compact to airline personnel. I only used 3. 5 sets to pack this long list of clothing and accessories (based on the thickness, some clothing were rolled, some were folded):3 pairs of Woolx heavyweight merino middle layer leggings1 pair of Woolx heavyweight merino long johns3 Woolx heavyweight pullovers1 Scottish cashmere sweater (very thick)2 pairs of ski pants1 North Face down-filled parka (incredibly thick)1 Rab down-filled parka3 sets of silk base layers (long sleeve tops and long bottoms)8 items of merino underwear4 pairs of heavy weight merino wool socks2 pairs of silk sock liners2 pairs of Hestra ski gloves1 Smartwool neck gaiter2 merino/cashmere knit caps1 trapper hat1 roller fur hat1 Stormy Kromer hattoiletries, cosmetics, medicines, and electronic accessories. With the compression sets inside, both of our backpacks are still within the airline allowance with a few inches to spare. I was very impressed. The difference between the two models:Pack-It Compression Cube:Slightly heavier weight: 4 ozLarger dimensions: 14101. 25 (which means larger capacity)Top zipper opens up three sidesPack-It Specter Compression Cube:Featherlight weight: 2 ozSmaller dimensions: 1071Top zipper only opens half wayI liked both models, but have found that the original Pack-It compression model was much better for larger and bulkier items (down parkas and heavyweight merino base layers). The Specter model was perfect for lighter clothing and everything else. I *highly* recommend both Eagle Creek Compression Cube models for all travellers who pack light and pack effectively. -Read Reviews-

Silnylon Ripstop


Zipper closure

10″ high

13″ wide

Compression zipper for even more space savings

Great for t-shirts, pants, and shorts

Tried these on last trip (I figured I could return if I didn’t like). I kept stuffing & stuffing clothes into the sac (to see how much I could). .. then I used the outside zipper to compress the bag. It was amazing how much I could get in & compress. I finally took a few items out because the sac had gotten heavy & like a sold "brick" stuffed with clothes. Long story short. As soon as we came back from trip, I bought another set. My spouse used the non-compression one to throw all his things in – belt, wallet, pocket contents etc, before reaching security. I swear they are indestructible, but it doesn’t matter since Eagle Creek has The Best Warranty!

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