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Dust & Dreams

I don’t make this statement lightly, I have all the Camel studio albums and just recently acquired this last missing piece (Dust and Dreams) and I have rarely been more disappointed with a cd purchase. An album of about 4 songs padded with droning, aimless instrumental and orchestral "songs" that have no punch, melody or indeed anything to recommend them. There are 2 exceptions -two real songs that rock and show some spark of life. Mother Road is the first and it has a propelling riff and it actually rocks! The other song is Hopeless Anger which has some life and drive to it (quite a lot actually). There are a few interesting linking instrumentals, but honestly this album is just bad. The two good songs can be found on the live album The Paris Collection where they sound much better because in contrast to the weak back-mixed drums in the studio album, we get Denis Clement’s outstanding drum work in a superior mix to boot! Well at least my collection is complete. Check it out!

1991 album by veteran prog act on their own CamelProductions label. Contains 16 tracks, including ‘Dust Bowl’and ‘Go West’.




Dust & Dreams Review


Camel NEVER makes a bad album. … each one is different and awesome. Andy is great! -Read Reviews-

This CD, released in 1991, is among the best of the band. However, the Camel is the Camel and didn’t do bad things to the point of having to dismiss. It’s worth knowing for those who like the band. The tracks “Go West”, “Rose Of Sharon” and “Hopeless Anger” are the best on the disc.

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