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Drums, Girls, and Dangerous Pie Audiobook – Unabridged Jordan Sonnenblick (Author),

I read this book based on the recommendation of my youngest son. He is reading this book in his Literacy class in 6th Grade and even half way through, he loved it enough to want me to read it so we could "talk about it. " I happen to read faster than my son, especially since he’s only reading during class time (this is a group read,) but I enjoyed it as well. The title does not give any clues as to what the subject matter will be, and I hadn’t read any blurbs so I was in for an emotional ride when I got to the heart of the story. Be prepared for some tears and heartache as you read. But, in the same way stories like The Fault in Our Stars or Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, there will be times when you find humor in the telling as well. The blending and merging of these two vastly different emotions is quite often a pleasant experience. I was also very impressed with the writing style and the voice being used to tell the story. I find it so rare in my reading to have a adolescent male point of view. So often, young adult books are told from a female perspective. Without giving spoilers, I have to say that I also like that the story is told from the perspective of a sibling of whom the main part of the story is about. I am definitely impressed that the school my children go to is using this book in their 6th grade classes, and I think it’s a good one for young adults to read. Check it out!

Drums, Girls, and Dangerous Pie Audiobook – Unabridged Jordan Sonnenblick (Author), Review

My daughter LOVED this book and I wasn’t sure if she would quite frankly, because the one child does have cancer and I wasn’t sure if she would want to continue reading it with a sensitive subject. My daughter said there are many funny parts in the story, so it made it a good read. She did read it entirely, and used it for her summer writing assignment. I would recommend this book for 5th to 7th grade readers. I will keep the book for my younger child to read maybe next year. This book was on a recommended Sunshine State Book list for the state of Florida so this is why we originally chose it to read. -Read Reviews-

I’m not normally a big fan of realistic fiction, but I picked this book up after it was recommended to me by some friends. I put it off for about three years before I broke down and bought the book. Thankfully it did not disappoint. Steven is a normal eighth grade boy. He’s in band and has a crush on a girl way out of his league. He lives with his brother (Jeffery) and two parents. His life is fairly stable. One of the biggest problems he has is a brother about eight years younger than him who finds pleasure in making his older brother miserable. When a nose bleed turns bad, he finds himself living in his brothers shadow. He begins to wish that his little brother could be like he was before October, when he had the life changing nose bleed. This book deals with the topic of childhood cancer with a new angle. Trust me when I say that people tend to forget about the brothers and sisters of those diagnosed. They see it all. The book goes at the topic in a way that not many books do. The characters seemed real. Several times I wanted to talk with Steven so badly it hurt. This book seemed to get a little close to home. I know a girl whose younger brother was diagnosed with cancer when he was three. She was in middle school like Steven and many of the things I saw her go through, Steven went through as well. So many of the small things added up. When Steven called Jeffy buddy boy reminded me of all the times I’ve called my own brother that. Steven’s world is real, and this book crafted it perfectly.

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