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DripDrop ORS Gluten Free Hydration Powder, Lemon, 4 Count

I love this product. I discovered it by accident at the CVS in the baby department prior to going to Africa about a year ago. My entire family used Drip Drop while we were on safari. It was outstanding for hydrating our systems which were a bit depleted after the long flights, jet lag and the extremely dry hot heat of the savannah. Now I use it all the time when playing gold or doing other activities in the heat. It restores me very quickly. For me, I feel it is far superior to other sports drinks and hydration drinks/powders on the market. I appreciate the fact that there is no high fructose corn syrup or any corn syrup in the ingredients (at least not from what I read on the label) and that the ingredient list contains things that I actually know what they are. Also the ratio of sodium/sugar/potassium seems just right for me. My only wish is that there was more information and more research available about how the ratio of sodium, sugar and potassium was determined but as I said, it seems right for my body. I also used it once after experiencing diarrhea due to what was probably something I ate. It was remarkable how quickly I felt better and how quickly I was up and about. I recommend this product and I have recommended it to all of my friends. I encourage my parents to use it too – especially when playing golf in the heat. They have reported that it helps them recover quicker as well and maintain stamina throughout their golf game. It’s a great product. I am grateful that it is available and also grateful it is available on Amazon because it is hard to find in stores. Check it out!

Product Description DripDrop ORS electrolyte powder sticks transform water into medical grade hydration. With 3x electrolytes and 1/2 the sugar of sports drinks, DripDrop ORS was developed by a doctor to hydrate longer for increased endurance, absorb faster for quick relief, with great taste for easy digestion. From the Manufacturer

DripDrop ORS Gluten Free Hydration Powder, Lemon, 4 Count Review

I come at this from a very unique perspective, because I have an ileostomy, which means I don’t have ANY large intestine or an ileocecal valve to slow the emptying of fluid out of my body. To put that in common-man’s terms, when I get diarrhea, it’s not just the typical inconvenience where you feel a little weak, poop a lot, etc. Thats a vast understatement. My body behaves more like a serious cholera patient, and I lose up to 400mL/15 minutes. Thats 1. 6L per hour, 3. 2L per 2hrs, etc. I know this because Im a nerd and have repeatedly measured and documented the output numerous times in the last 14 years, and it always seems to be around that same rate of emptying. It’s a recipe for severe dehydration and consequent hemodynamic disaster if I can’t chug down (and keep down) a LOT of fluid. Drip Drop is the only thing Ive tried so far that I can keep down and consequently maintain a good fluid balance. The bottom line is that this stuff works for me. Gatorade wont cut it. So far Ive used it twice during bouts of gastroenteritis when liter after liter was dumping out of me, and both times it has helped me avoid the ER. In the past Ive ended up in the ER with IV fluids pumping. And the typical max IV pump rate of a liter per hour cant even keep up with the rate that Im losing fluid. Its a bad deal. The first time it happened I had a hard time standing up. My blood pressure was down and my heart rate had doubled in its predictable compensatory manner. I wasnt totally disoriented, but I couldn’t recall my street address for the lady registering me in the ER. It was AWFUL!!! I spent 12 years and a bunch of ER visits before I found Drip Drop. And since then I have a 100% success rate in avoiding the ER. From my personal experience, I can see EXACTLY why Drip Drop has been used successfully in infectious diarrhea in places like Haiti and Pakistan. I keep stocked up on it!! -Read Reviews-

I work as a Medic in the U.S. Army and I frequently have to give soldiers I.V. fluids when they are suffering from heat related illness, Gastrointestinal problems, etc. I first tried this product as a replacement for military issued re-hydration salts which taste absolutely god awful and have to be consumed over a 24 hour period, which doesn’t allow for quick results. This product allowed me to re-hydrate the people in my care quickly and thankfully, tastefully. This stuff tastes pretty good compared to the government issued salts. I had a soldier suffering from pretty severe heat cramps, but about five minutes after drinking a pack of Drip Drop, the cramps subsided and he was able to return to work which saved me from having to use my limited supply of I.V. fluids. I recommend this product to everyone.

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