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Down by the Cool of the Pool Hardcover – May, 2002 by Tony Mitton (Author)

We really LOVE this book in our house. We’ve had it since our girls were 4 and 2 (now almost 6 and 4) and it sometimes comes and goes in favorite status, but it’s always fun. We always pick one person to act out what the animals are doing. So part of the fun is the book itself, and the other part is watching the person do the animal motions (whee!, flap, wiggle, stomp, caper, etc. ). The illustrations are fabulously colored and lively, and the text is short and catchy. We’re buying this again for a present for another couple who just had their second child. I hope they have as much fun with it as we have! Check it out!

From Publishers Weekly The sun may be setting, but the wackiness is escalating on the shores of the farm pond. “Wheeeee!” proclaims a wide-eyed frog as it jet‚s into the air, “Can you dance like me?” A duck, a pig and a sheep are the first animals to rise to the challenge, and Mitton (Busy Boats), building up the momentum, begins by patterning their respective responses in cumulative verse. As more and more critters join in, each proud of its own inimitable style (“Playful Pony began to prance. Donkey drummed his hoofbeat dance”), Mitton shifts the narrative’s structure to move the action resolutely forward toward a literally splashy climax, in which everyone falls in the water. Parker-Rees (Giraffes Can’t Dance) ratchets up the goofiness of his kinetic watercolor cartoons by giving his animal stars the arm and leg extensions of ballerinas but the bodies of couch potatoes; their faces radiate an infectious silliness. The typography, too, enters into the spirit by shimmying and bouncing through the full-bleed spreads. Kids will likely want to dance or chant along; fortunately, the author and artist wind down the energy as effectively as they turn it up. Ages 2-5. Copyright 2002 Cahners Business Information, Inc.

Down by the Cool of the Pool Hardcover – May, 2002 by Tony Mitton (Author) Review

Both of my kids enjoyed this book ("both" typically didn’t, and don’t, like the same things). .. I have fond memories reading it to them during that stage of my life. I now give it to expecting parents hopeful that it works for them. -Read Reviews-

Preschoolers really like this book! Very colorful pictures. I read it in the Read-Aloud Program with Bright Stars – it makes a great read as the words are all over the page and the kids are entranced. You can read it over and over again to them so they can start to complete sentences while still being interested.

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