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Double Whammy Audiobook – Unabridged George Wilson (Narrator),

I’ve read all of Hiaasen’s published books, I really enjoy his work. The issue here is the Kindle version; there are so many typos as to almost ruin the experience of reading the book. Really stupid stuff, too, in addition to the errant lack of a space between two words. Things like saying "Popside" as opposed to "Popsicle", "geyser" instead of "geezer", et cetera. If it only happened a couple of times it would be annoying but somewhat forgivable, but 18% into the book (by Kindle’s reckoning), I’ve counted more than twenty errors. Come on, Amazon. You charge $13. 99 for this Kindle edition-fourteen bucks-for something that has more errors in it than a dyslexic sixth grader would commit. This is inexcusable. Fix the problem, and refund the purchase price to those of us that you have duped with your shoddy editing. Check it out!

Double Whammy Audiobook – Unabridged George Wilson (Narrator), Review

I oftentimes seek out a Carl Hiaasen book for a relatively quick and humorous read. That’s what I did with Double Whammy and it started off fulfilling my expectations. However, I’ll have to say it was definitely beginning to drag the final third of the way through the book. While I don’t read Hiaasen’s books for realism, this one was just too far "out there" in the final chapters. It was almost as if the author got tired of writing and simply wanted to ends things up as quickly as possible regardless of even the remotest plausibility of the events taking place. As a result, it more or less negated my enjoyment of the first two-thirds of the book. I’ll probably try another Hiaasen work in the future, but it won’t likely be one of the "Skink" books. -Read Reviews-

This is the second book that I’ve read by Carl Hiaasen, and I must admit the guy is nuts! Hysterical in every fashion, all of his characters have some crazy personalities. The way that Carl describes them though makes it incredibly easy to picture the hilarious situations these characters get themselves into. I seem to always cheer for the craziest underdog of them all, though I could understand his propensity to want to live away from everyone else, on his own away from society. I feel the same way at times. Through I’m a big fan of his writing and the way people are unfortunately, yet comically removed from the gene pool, I’m also noticing that many of his women do not have the best common sense and are often just sexual / crazies that are willing to lie, cheat, steal to get their way (at least that’s how it’s been for the two books that I have read). Otherwise I think that his writing and stories are a fun read and very captivating.

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