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Double Jeopardy [VHS]

A very interesting story, a little bit unusual and holds your interest for the entire video. Tommy Lee Jones is at his usual best and Ashley Judd is outstanding. There is plenty of action in this video by both of the stars. The story moves from various locales as it unfolds; thus making the story more interesting and appealing. This has become one of my favorite videos and I enjoy seeing it over again from time to time. I purposely try not to reveal the story for fear of spoiling your viewing. I promise you will be thrilled and entertained. I highly recommend this video to everyone. Check it out!





Double Jeopardy [VHS] Review


This movie had endured the test of time and remains one of my favorites. Combining Tommy Lee Jones and Ashley Judd was an excellent choice for the script. While the action may stretch credibility, like swimming to shore in the frigid waters of the Puget Sound, I thought the scenes were well done and folded into the movie well. The scene in the crypt was particularly creepy and not for a claustrophobic viewer. The end game confrontation was typical, but still entertaining. One aspect that was a bonus was seeing some of the great scenery in Washington State. All in all, this movie has become a classic in my own movie collection. -Read Reviews-

Really good plot. This movie ties all together nicely from beginning to end. Keeps you on the edge of your seat. 2 great lead actors. This is my 3rd time buying this movie.

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