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Diamonds and Pearls

This one has a lot of sentimental value to me. I was pretty young when i purchased it. The music is awesome and it has one of my favorite Prince songs ever Insatiable. Lots of other great songs too. Money don’t matter tonight, Cream, Get Off also classic Prince songs. Some less known great songs on this one too. Give it a listen i’m sure you’ll enjoy it if you are a Prince fan. Check it out!

Product description Sparkling 1991 album, recorded with his backing band The New Power Generation! Includes “Cream”, “Gett Off” and “Money Don’t Matter 2 Night”. At its best, Prince’s biggest seller of the ’90s is an archetype of seemingly casual inspiration, thanks mainly to the ease tracks such as “Cream,” “Money Don’t Matter 2 Night,” and “Willing and Able” exude. Of course, he’s working as hard as ever, whether in a mellow groove or an aggressively funky one (“Gett Off”). Compared with the masterpiece Sign o’ the Times, Diamonds and Pearls is a minor creation, but it’s one for the long haul. –Rickey Wright

Diamonds and Pearls Review

After disappointing sales of Graffiti Bridge, Warner Bros. (his label) was planning to release a "best of" or retrospective. To head off this disaster, Prince made sure he produced a highly commercially viable album, which he did, in order to head off Warner’s plans. Of course Prince could be his own worst enemy on occasion, wielding the power to tell Warners what single to release first. Prince wanted "Gett Off. " Warners wanted either "Diamonds & Pearls" or "Cream. " Prince got his way, but Warner Bros. had the right idea. Nonetheless, "Cream" still went to #1 and "Diamonds & Pearls" is a stone cold pop classic that did well, too. This is one of Prince’s finest hours of his so-called "classic" era. He would never again enjoy the kind of commercial success that he did with this album. It was his last truly huge full length record. Even its successor, Love Symbol, which is a really cool album and spawned a really great hit, "7," didn’t do as well as Diamonds & Pearls did. Aside from the hit in ’94, "The Most Beautiful Girl In The World," which was his last #1 single, Diamonds & Pearls (from ’91) is kind of a high water mark for Prince, commercially speaking, beyond the Purple Rain era of ’84. -Read Reviews-

The collaboration between the galpal on this album (post Purple Rain) who belts out the lyrics and sings her face off is over-the-moon-crazy!!! I want to call her CATT, but CATT is his rapper/dancer, I believe. Nevertheless, whatever her name is, she has that Chaka Khan type of realness in her soul that just turns the song–any song she’s doing–loose into the atmosphere!!! Talk about "doves crying and flying, wowsville!!!

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