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Diamond Dogs

I had this album when I was growing up, and replaced with the CD since unfortunately I no longer have the album. This is my favorite Bowie album by far. I must say all of his albums are very good though. The strange thing for me right now, is about a month before his passing I had downloaded this album to my devices and had started listening to David Bowie again. This is the album that I play over and over again and never get tired of listening to it. The songs are outstanding, and he is a genius. It is so sad that he is no longer with us. He had done so much for his fans up until the very end. This album is excellent! Check it out!

Product description David BOWIE Diamond Dogs CD George Orwell’s classic tale of totalitarianism, 1984, was the inspiration for a project that David Bowie hoped would further solidify his standing as a rock visionary. Bowie was a natural artist to helm a musical companion to Orwell’s allegory, since his own music exhibits an innate alienation. The concept ultimately broke down, but the music didn’t. “Rebel Rebel” has become a rock staple, while “Sweet Thing,” “Candidate,” and the forthright yet experimental title track (Bowie as puppet master) offer additional highlights. Still, despite such benchmarks and its conceptual flaws, Diamond Dogs is best listened to as a thematic collection. –Rob O’Connor




Diamond Dogs Review


Now that David Bowie gave rock and roll a stylish magic touch with his legendary constructed alien alter ego Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars, he had took a radical and different music phase in 1974 with this rivetingly blockbuster album, as well as a world tour to promote it. Highlighted by blistering guitar solos, high voltage sound, hard-hitting performances and cut-and-paste lyrics that sticks extremely well, Diamond Dogs is a showstopping masterpiece which shout with vitality and deliver a compelling rock experience that blasts through the heart of ecstasy. Beginning with towering future introduction live track entry, the rousing track set proceed extremely well with absolute exhilaration with other classic songs like Sweet Thing, the gender- bending rock anthem Rebel Rebel (a classic rebellious hit for the LGBT community), the jubilent Rock N Roll With Me, Big Brother and Alternate Candidate, while Bowie throws down the R&B funk on 1984 and Dodo. Well-conceived as a concept based on George Orwells 1984 that would evolve into another of his paranoid future night- mares (compared to his fractured paranoid evocation of a decaying future echoed in apocalyptic nuclear dread from Ziggy Stardust), what you even get on the expanded edition of Diamond Dogs are several alternate takes for the title track and Alternate Candidate as they give this timeless masterwork the finishing touch it truly deserves. -Read Reviews-

Love this album. This was the precursor to the Thin White Duke. Diamond Dogs and Joe’s Garage by Frank Zappa are two very similar albums in terms of concept. Also, if you notice the ending of both albums, they go out with a repeat.

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