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DaVinci Jenny Lind 3-in-1 Convertible Crib, White

I originally LOVED this crib but not anymore. it has big potential to cause serious harm. I think this crib is dangerous! The metal spring frame (that you set mattress on) has moveable arms so the mattress can tilt. I found my 3 month old smashed against the side rail on his tummy with arms tucked under. He had no way of rolling back due to the incline (approx 10 degrees). He’s able to roll on his side (flat surfaces, and can roll from tummy to back if arms are out and on flat surfaces) but due to incline- he was able to roll all the way over but could not get back. The problem? He could have totally been stuck face down!!!! I contacted the company- they are sending a replacement box spring without moveable arms. .. Makes you wonder if this has been an issue for others as well. I do not think my infant alone caused it to tilt- I think me pushing on mattress while we “played” BUT imagine as he gets older and can stand/jump/weighs more. Scary!!UPDATE:I contacted customer service and was sent a new metal spring frame that has notches so the arms aren’t able to move. The mattress no longer tilts. IF you purchase this crib- I would contact customer service and request a spring frame that doesn’t allow the arms to move (basically sent me a spring frame from a different crib). Simple fix! Now I wonder why they didn’t just include it with the crib to begin with!! Check it out!

Product Description A beloved nursery favorite, DaVinci’s Jenny Lind Crib features intricate detailing and signature spindle posts. Loved for its timeless elegance, Jenny Lind graces your nursery with a unique charm and innocence. Jenny Lind Crib meets or surpasses the latest safety standards, and every crib undergoes individual inspection. From the Manufacturer The Jenny Lind collection is just right for baby.  As an MDB original, the Jenny Lind has been reengineered for safety and convenience.  That’s twenty years in the making.  Jenny is just right

DaVinci Jenny Lind 3-in-1 Convertible Crib, White Review

I just spent the last few days corresponding with a representative from Million Dollar Baby (the crib manufacturer). Daniel, the customer service representative really went out of his way to address my concerns and questions about the crib. So for all of you parents out there looking for an affordable green crib, here’s what I found out. 1. The Jenny Lind crib is made of all solid wood (except for the models with a drawer which has an mdf panel). The wood is New Zealand Pine which is sustainably grown and forested in New Zealand. 2. The crib is made in Taiwan. 3. The glue used to adhere the crib slats is formaldehyde free, is water-based and non-toxic. 3. The finish on the crib — here is a direct quote from the company — “For all of our paints and finishes we use a non toxic sealer with lacquer. Our paint is ultra-safe. We exceed JPMA regulations and go through annual paint tests. Paint is called safe when it has toxic materials under 300 parts per million [ppm]. For a company to claim low toxicity means they have paint with toxicity below 90 ppm. Here at Million Dollar Baby, our paint levels come in at less than 2 ppm. ” — Just to give you a comparison, Benjamin Moore Eco Spec paint which is LEED certified and has a toxicity level of . 1 ppm. So although the finish on the crib is not that low, it is still very, very, very good. 4. Million Dollar Baby was willing to sell me an unfinished crib to help allay my fears about off-gassing — which really impressed me. However after the $189 crib price tag, the $103 shipping cost and the exorbitant amount of money/hassle to get the crib painted or do it ourselves, we started to wonder if we were going overboard. I then had a chance to speak with a LEED certified builder/architect in our area who is really passionate about his work. He was really impressed with low toxicity levels of the crib’s finish and told me that formaldehyde would be my biggest concern and since the glues were water-based we shouldn’t worry. He said that the non-organic paint finishes pose the greatest health dangers to workers who apply the finishes and not to consumers who purchase the products. He suggested that we save the money we would spend painting the crib and shipping it and invest it in an organic mattress. He said fabric off-gassing is exponentially more dangerous. So, we just ordered the crib from Amazon and are anxious to have it arrive. I suggested to Million Dollar Baby that they offer an unfinished version of the crib on Amazon — as it would be the only crib of it’s type on the market and may attract sustainably-conscious parents. So, if you’re interested in a unfinished crib, I would suggest getting in touch with the company directly — you can request this from Amazon. Maybe if more of us speak-up, we’ll create a demand for more affordable green baby products that are safe for us and for those manufacturing them. Toxin-free baby cribs should not be just available to the very wealthy. In the meantime, I feel like I’ll be able to rest easy knowing that our little baby will be sleeping in a safe crib. Update 7/29/2012:The crib arrived yesterday and it’s put together. It was super easy to assemble and it looks exactly like it does in the on-line photos. It seems sturdy and I imagine it will feel even more so after the mattress is in place. We’re really happy that we made this purchase — it’s perfect. -Read Reviews-

This has been a truly fantastic crib for our little one. It was easy to assemble and very easy to lower the bed as our little one grew. The wood is soft – so be careful! I made sure we had rail covers on before the little one started chewing on the wood. I also decided to take off the wheels – we just didn’t need them. Also, on Amazon it stated that a crib rail came with the crib, but it did not – I ended up having to purchase the toddler rail separately.

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