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Darkest Mercy (Wicked Lovely) Paperback – February 21, 2012 by Melissa Marr (Author)

Can I please give this novel ten stars??? It was everything I hoped for and things I didn’t even know I wanted! If it had to end, this was the ending I wanted. Thanks Melissa!I have made no secret that the Wicked Lovely Series has been my favorite of all time. Wicked Lovely is my number one favorite book. It was the first novel I had ever read where the faeires were dark and mean and twisted and I loved it! No other book I’ve read has come close to capturing their world the way she has created it. That being said, there were some books in the series I liked better than others. Wicked Lovely was my favorite, but it might be replaced by Darkest Mercy. This was a beautiful story that wove all the threads left behind from all the other books and tied the knot. Old characters came back, some new characters were added and the old battle with War final came to a showdown. The twists and turns while you saw them coming had twists and turns you could never see coming because you didn’t know they could happen. But this is a faery tale and all things are possible. Even Keenan returning. (Grrr)! But he is a little more likable in this story. Seth is there in a predicament of his own. And Aislinn trying to keep things together. The final showdown is so chaotic that I had to keep rereading to make sure I knew what was going on. Who was where and what had happened if anything to my beloved characters. The aftermath is bittersweet and surprising. This is where the stranger especially comes in to play. And that’s it. It’s all I’m going to say because I’m not going to ruin the story for anyone. It’s amazing and very complete and must have been very difficult for Melissa to write. But she did such a great job and I am so happy that I didn’t have to wait for my preordered copy to come. I will reread it because I got it yesterday and read it in one night. No way was I going to bed without knowing the ending. And the final pages were a huge surprise and so befitting who they were about I almost laughed except they were done out of love. I will say there is a lot more romance in this final book, but there would have to be because of the conflicts between Seth, Ash, Keenan and Donia. But it’s not detailed, just very fitting. I am such a huge fan of Melissa Marr’s work. I know Graveminder comes out in June and I believe she has another trilogy she’s writing totally unrelated to this series. I’d love to have her creativity and imagination. But, instead, I will settle for reading the worlds and characters she creates and the stories she weaves so magically. If you like faeries and haven’t read this series, what are you waiting for? I think it sets the standard by which I measure all other stories about faeries. Oh, and the cover is much better when you see it in person!I read an ARC of Darkest Mercy in January that was on a tour thanks to Melissa Marr getting extra copies. My review is based on the ARC. Check it out!

Review “Complex and involving.” (New York Times Book Review)“Marr has created a world both harsh and lush, at once urban and natural.” (School Library Journal)“Sexy, charming, sometimes harrowing fantasy.” (Locus)“Impossible to put down.” (School Library Journal (starred review))“A fully imagined faery world which even non-fantasy (or faerie) lovers will want to delve into.” (Publishers Weekly (starred review))

Darkest Mercy (Wicked Lovely) Paperback – February 21, 2012 by Melissa Marr (Author) Review

I really liked this book!!! It was a great ending to the Wicked Lovely series!!!! It has one of those endings you think you figured out. But when you reach the end, you are completely wrong. I was shocked!!!! Happy, but shocked. I laughed and cried, but very happy with the ending. This series has a nice balance of light and dark. Some of the books were very dark compared to the others in the series. But each book, gives you more of the story. I really hated Keenan through the whole series. This book, I actually liked him. He finally made the right choices. He finally stopped manipulating and lying Ash. He had obstacles to face, and I even cried at some of the stuff that happened to him, but he finally chose love. Ash grew stronger and stronger throughout the series. I really liked her as a character. Seth is perfect for her. I also liked Donia. These two are fierce queens. I’m glad most of them got their happily ever after!!!!This is a great series!!! It is both light and dark. The characters are well thought out, and you grow to love them. I recommend to all!!!!! -Read Reviews-

I’m not going to get into spoilers or anything like that. The Wicked Lovely series has been one of my favorites for years. After finishing each book, I couldn’t wait for the next. I’ve re-read Wicked Lovely and Fragile Eternity multiple times and Ink Exchange and Radiant Shadows twice. I’ve also read Stopping Time and Old Habits. After delving into this world so often, I had certain high hopes for the conclusion of the series. I was let down. In a huge way. Maybe I was expecting too much, but I really don’t think that’s the case. While much of the book is very well written and somewhat enjoyable, characters who were made out to be important fell to the wayside. Others acted completely different than they had previously. One so much so that I actually thought, “What was the point of all this to begin with?!” After a certain point in the book, it was extremely hard to continue reading. I feel that Melissa Marr copped out big time. Some authors really don’t hold anything back when ending a series-J.K. Rowling comes to mind. Marr definitely took the easy way out. While, yes, there were sad moments, they were nothing compared to what it was made out to be. Everything ended a little too perfectly and life isn’t supposed to have a pretty ribbon wrapped around it. I was very disappointed with the end relationships and well, the ending in general. Honestly, I’m pretending most of Darkest Mercy didn’t happen and am currently sticking with how I wanted it to end in my mind. This book fell short. Once I was done reading I felt cheated. Others may enjoy a perfect ending, but I guess it’s just not for me. Not with a series that had so much potential.

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