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Dark Matter: A Novel Audible – Unabridged Blake Crouch (Author),

I’ve always been afraid of the multiverse theory. Until I read Dark Matter. Before I read this story, I found it terrifying to know that there may very well be an infinite number of alternate me’s on an infinite number of alternate universes. After having read this story, I now appreciate this me and this world more than I ever have. I’m unapologetic about who I am, and who I am not. This isn’t a story about time travel, although it has some of the trappings of one: a futuristic teleportational device, and a disenchanted main character obsessed with what would have been. Rather than traveling to the past or the future, Jason Dessen opens the doorliterallyto the present. Alternate presents, in alternate Chicagos, from alternate universes. Throughout the second half of the story, Jason tries to return home, after having been abducted and thrown into an alternate universe. It’s the universe he’s always dreamed of. The one where he’s an internationally renown quantum physicist. The one where he’s the boss of his own company. The one where he’s reached his fullest potential as a scientist. But it’s also the one where he never got married to the love of his life. It’s the one where he never had his one and only son. It’s the one where he has no family. It’s this universe that Jason attempts to findthrough grueling trial and error. I can’t give anything more away without ruining the story for future readers, but I can give you what I believe to be the moral of the story: live in the present moment, because that is where your true identity lies. The second quarter of the book lags, with Jason evading capture more times than necessary to advance the plot. (Twice he narrowly escapes through a bathroom. One lavatory getaway is plenty. )I give Dark Matter 40 Jason Dessens out of 50. Read the book, and you’ll understand my rating system. Check it out!

Dark Matter: A Novel Audible – Unabridged Blake Crouch (Author), Review

This is a conceptually deep novel, taking as its subject quantum mechanics and the existence of an infinite number of realities, existing simultaneously. This multiverse has been accessed by a brilliant physicist who is the protagonist of the story. According to the theory, at each decision point in your life, separate and distinct realities emerge, which continue forward, sprouting their own branches, as new decisions are confronted. With this theory in place, the author has penned a thriller, with his subject discovering how to navigate the multiverse and access different and perhaps more desirable realities, even confronting his own alternate reality self in an effort to effect a reality swap of sorts. This is a very fast read, consumable in two or three days. The science is certainly challenging from a conceptual standpoint, though not necessarily vital to understanding the story, which is a pretty standard, run of the mill thriller. Id be remiss if I didnt point out that there is an extremely significant plot hole that develops near the end of the novel which is incompatible with the authors multiverse theory. Nevertheless, the book is engaging and thought provoking. -Read Reviews-

Wow. ….I got this book while I was reading some others and thought I could get to it in a few weeks. I have always been a fan of multiverse books and a Google search listed this book. I had read all of the Wayward Pines books and a few others like Run written by Mr Crouch and figured it was worth a shoot. I decided to read a few pages to just get the flavor of the story and I was blown away. I stopped reading everything else and just had to find out if Jason could even figure out how to work the multiverse box yet get back to his Daniela. The possible universes he/we could create at Dr disappoints are truly staggering and although I am a bit skeptical about how so many universes could exist, the story handled all these different universes very well. Mr Crouch said this was his most difficult story and I can see why. If you are a fan of alternate universe theories and how our decisions can lead us to different outcomes, give this book a try. Be ready for a he’ll of a ride. A good read.

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