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Dance Of Time

A worthy follow-up to her Grammy-winning 2015 opus Made in Brazil, Eliane Elias’s Dance of Time has the same mix of Brazilian and English language tunes and some of her supporting musicians on guitar, bass, drums, and percussion. It is also recorded in So Paulo, Brazil. Guests on this outing are vocalist-guitarist Joo Bosco, who is featured on his Coisa Feita; Toquinho, singing and playing guitar, on his Samba de Orly and Not to Cry; flugelhornist Randy Brecker on Kurt Weill’s Speak Low; and Mike Mainieri at this vibraphone on Warren & Dubin’s You’re Getting to Be A Habit with Me and Elias’s Little Paradise. Like before, the music arrangements have harmonic background vocalists arranged by Mark Kibble, but no lush (and unnecessary) UK studio orchestra is included. Thus, it very much matches the earlier work and maintains the same joyous spirit and beautiful, mellow arrangements. (I personally like it better. ) Elias’s piano performance is as special as her sensual alto vocals, as heard in, for examples, By Hand and Na Batucada da Vida. The second piano in Elias’s An Up Dawn, is played by Amilton Godoy. In short, Elias has given us a one-two punch of splendid Brazilian jazz. Ah! Check it out!

‘Dance of Time’ builds upon the success of the 2015 release ‘Made in Brazil’ but delivers its own distinctive sound by providing a contemporary play on classic Brazilian songs from Elias’ youth and musical career. Elias, once again wears many hats on ‘Dance of Time’ as producer, composer, lyricist, arranger, pianist and vocalist. Along with co-producers, Steve Rodby and Marc Johnson, her bass playing musical partner, Elias ventured ‘home’ and recruited a splendid cast of Brazilian musicians that include electric bassist Marcelo Mariano; guitarists Marcus Teixeira and Conrado Goys; drummers Edu Ribeiro and Celso de Almeida; and percussionists Gustavo di Dalva and Marivaldo dos Santos. Other featured musical guests include Joao Bosco, Randy Brecker, Amilton Godoy, Mark Kibble, Mike Mainieri and Toquinho.

Dance Of Time Review

I have every Eliane album since 1989s So Far So Close album. And she has never failed to please me. She is the one and only artist besides Mark Murphy and recent Herb Alpert. Diana Krall can never beat Eliane. Diana owes too much to producers. Period. P.S. Elianes 2004 Dreamer album and 2015 Made in Brazil album has been on the top 10 desert island discs out of my 5000 CDs collection. -Read Reviews-

I’ve been a fan of Eliane Elias since she rocked my world with Loco Motif on her "Illusions" album 31 — gasp! — years ago, and she’s still pitching it right over the plate. Special bonus: Mark Kibble’s stunning arrangements/performances on three tracks answer the question, How well would the sounds of Eliane and Take 6 fit together? Answer: like gin and vermouth.

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