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Dahon Mariner D7 Folding Bike, Brushed

My husband and I recently purchased 2 Dahon Mariner D7s. One of the bikes was very well assembled, straight out of the box, and could be ridden right away (HOWEVER, the instructions on the CD that is included state that one must take the bike to a qualified bicycle mechanic to sign off on three pages of check listed items in order for the warranty to be valid). The second bike was not useable out of the box, as the front wheel would not turn. An inspection revealed that a screw was missing from the brake assembly that held the brake pad away from the front wheel. Trying to reach the Dahon headquarters in Duarte, CA was futile, so we finally located a number for the third-party shipper who had supplied the bike to Amazon. The tech there was able to help somewhat, but first road trial revealed that the derailleur was not shifting properly. Some adjustments have helped, but it is still not smooth like the first bike. Buyers beware, as we think we got a used bike that had been returned. All that being said, we have not had the bikes long enough to say whether we think they are as superior as other reviews have stated, although the first bike seems very well made. Check it out!

Designed specifically for boaters, the Mariner D7 makes your in-shore adventures a lot more fun and convenient. It stashes easily into even the tiniest of boat holds. But when you arrive at a port of call it unfolds in seconds to help you explore or shop for supplies. The perfect accessory for your boat. *Note: While rust resistant, the Mariner is not rust proof . Proper maintenance is required to minimize corrosion. Fast and convenient and perfect for quick errands around town, a jaunt to the nearest café, or a leisurely ride in the park. The emphasis is on comfort and convenience. Dahon Urban Utility bikes fold fast and fold small, perfect if you live in an apartment or commute to work. Customers can mail in their warranty registration card to: please refer to

Dahon Mariner D7 Folding Bike, Brushed Review

Love the bike, runs well. Unfortunately it has scratches coming out of the box. Rear rack was scratches and the screw at handle bar looks like an old screw. It is really disappointed to find these things when you bought it as New from amazon -Read Reviews-

# It folds in less than 15 seconds so you can take it anywhere and Its light enough to carry on public transport.

Perfect for taking on a bus or train on your commute or stashing in your apartment.

Equipped with a Dahon Neos rear derailleur that features crisp, fast shifting and a low profile design that is protected from damage.

7005 aluminum frame with custom-drawn Sonus tubing and six patented technologies.

Believe the hype. This is an awesome commuter bike. Riding the bike is fun. It is a joy to shifts smoothly and effortlessly making riding easy! This bike can really move with the top speeds. This bike feels like a larger bike. I am a big person, 6’3″ 230lbs and this bike feels solid under my weight. I ride this for commuting (about 4 miles a day) and I also take it for a 10 mile ride once per week. I couldn’t find a bike store that had a selection of folding bikes so trying one out wasn’t an option for me. In fact one bike shop employee told me to not bother looking, just order one online. I had to see the Dahon folding bikes around town, and read a bunch of good reviews before I took the risk of ordering a bike online. The bike arrived in complex packaging. Removing the packaging and familiarizing myself with the bike took a few hours. No adjustments were necessary. Everything was in working order out of the box. I got some accessories, a saddle bag, a mini pump, a water bottle holder, lights, and a bell. Some consideration for the placement of accessories must be made for folding the bike otherwise things on your handlebar can interfere with the wheels when you try to roll it around folded. Folding it for the first time takes a few minutes. But then after doing the fold a few dozen times I got it down to about 15 seconds. There are a few tricks like standing in right place for leverage, and putting the pedals in the right place. If you leave the seat extended you can push it around the train station like a cart. It is small enough to sit next to you on the train like a piece of luggage. It will fit in the aisle without blocking passage. With the seat lowered into folded position, it stands on its own. All in all the best bike I ever owned. I am debating whether to get another because I hear in other reviews that some of the unique parts are impossible to find.

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