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Cuties Baby Diapers, Size 2, 42-Count, Pack of 4

Ok, Going to start by saying; these diapers had me worried at first. As most low cost diapers do. I only worry because my kiddo had a bad allergic reaction to one of the bargain brands in the past. I’m almost all the way through an entire case, so I figured I could do a good review based on having used them for the past month. Since Luvs decided to jack up their cost last month, I was looking for a more wallet friendly alternative. My child has special needs, yet is still too small for the bigger sizes. I am keeping him in baby diapers until the last possible moment. Just due to the cost. Me complaining that Luvs raised the price is NOTHING compared to the cost of a case of youth diapers. With those, you are looking at about 96 diapers costing between $55-$70. When comparing these diapers to Luvs:* They are a little smaller in size. Luvs are slightly longer and wider (see pictures for comparisons). These do not have the wider stretchy side panels. But that’s Okay. They still work perfectly fine. They still have a side panel, it’s just not as wide of a strip of elastic. It also stretches but doesn’t feel as sturdy. * I have not experienced a blowout with these, unlike Luvs, which has blown out overnight and leaked gel EVERYWHERE. Speaking of the gel, my kiddo likes to poke holes in his diaper on occasion with toys, or because he manages to fall or roll on one (a toy) just the right way to puncture it. Hasn’t happened with these. * They do not smell at all. Which is great, because the powdery smell of Luvs kinda nauseates me. * They hold quite a bit of fluid and have yet to leak on me. * They stay relatively thin, even when they are wet. * They haven’t caused any reaction to my kiddo’s extra sensitive skin. This was my main worry when changing brands. For a cheaper diaper, they actually work great. I only dinged a star because they could be a little bigger or stretchier. Just to allow for more comfortable movement or growth. Check it out!

Keep your baby comfortable and dry with Cuties Baby Diapers. A winner of the Parent Tested Parent Approved (PTPA) Seal of Approval, these diapers offer exceptional leakage protection you can trust both day and night. Designed for maximum comfort and mobility for playtime and nap time, this diaper locks in wetness with a flexible ultra-absorbent core. Soft and stretchable waist and side panels move with your baby and help prevent leaks. Adjust the grip tabs for a secure fit. Cottony soft materials surround your baby in comfort. Free of latex, fragrance, dyes, and elemental chlorine, the hypoallergenic inner liner is enhanced with soothing aloe, natural botanicals, and vitamin E. Each box includes four packs of 42 diapers sized for babies weighing 12 to 18 pounds, for a total of 168 diapers.

Cuties Baby Diapers, Size 2, 42-Count, Pack of 4 Review

PRACTICALLY FREE. The best diaper deal on the planet. They work the same as name-brand diapers. The only differences are that: 1) there isn’t a wet strip (no line that turns blue when the diaper is wet), and 2) the animal designs on the outside aren’t as cute as name-brand diapers (but if you get stressed by packaging, then you’re in for a rough parenting ride). The weird thing about these diapers is that the price varies dramatically throughout the day. One minute they cost $10. 46 for 132 diapers and the next minute they cost $30-something for 132 diapers. The other weird thing about these diapers is that they take longer to ship. Amazon’s "2-day shipping" may take closer to 2 weeks. I think this happens because they run low on inventory? We buy them ahead of time so that we don’t run out. -Read Reviews-

As a home daycare provider, I go through a lot of diapers, so cost is an issue. However, I didn’t want to compromise on quality. Cuties are a little smaller and thinner than other diapers, but I haven’t had any leaks yet and they seem very comfortable on the children, so I would say the quality is very sufficient.

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