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Crown of Midnight (Throne of Glass) Paperback – September 2, 2014 by Sarah J. Maas (Author)

***spoilers***The book begins with you learning that even though celeana is now the King’s assassin she is hardly loyal. She has decided to forge the deaths of the people the king deems unworthy instead of killing them as commanded. This is rather risky because the King threatened to kill Chaol, Nehemia, and Nehemias family if she ever failed or didn’t return back from hunting someone. The next person the king decides is a traitor and demands Celeana to kill is Archer Finn, her former friend. Of course she plans on faking his death and getting him to safety but archer tells her that he knows of a rebel group that thinks they know where the heir to the throne of terrasen, princess aelin ashryver galathynius is and that he could feed her information about them. She agrees, eager to learn who this rebel group is and why they think they’ve found the supposed dead princess. Meanwhile, things in the castle, Magic seems to be everywhere. Celeana discovers a hidden passageway not only in Queen Elena’s tomb but also ones deep underneath the library. Both seem to be connected to fae and their powers, so Celeana enlists nehemia to to teach her the ancient language and help her solve the riddles hidden in the tomb about the three wyrdkeys,which when in possession of all three could control the wyrdgates. Because she has broken things off with Dorian, sparks begin to fly with choal when celeana prepares a romantic garden dinner and they can’t deny their feelings for each other any longer. At the end of the night Celeana makes love for the first time. Dorian can see that Celeana and Chaol have been getting closer and although it hurts and has begun to drive a wedge between him and his old Friend and captain of the guard he has much bigger problems to worry about because after storming out of a heated debate with his father and adarlens council he punches a stone wall so hard that it cracks and shatters a nearby glass window. The blow should have broken his whole hand but he came away completely fine. After a few more incidents when he gets angry or frightened he realizes that he possesses magic and that if his father ever finds out he would kill him. Chaol is happily distracted by his love for celeana but the king warns him that he should keep a look out for nehemia because he intends to question her about her city and the rebels forming there and also that there have been death threats made on her so he should assign more guards on her. Chaol knows that Celeana would want to know this information but decides not to tell her because he thinks it might be a test from the king to see if he’s loyal to him or celeana. Then Chaol is a kidnapped. Which leads to a whole series of events. It turns out Archer kidnapped chaol and ordered for nehmia to be murdered because nehemia and archer were working together and they had differing views. But since celeana didn’t know about the death threat on nehemias life she went to save chaol. Where they were keeping chaol she learned that nehemia was in danger and chaol knew and didn’t tell her. She rushed back to the castle to guard her but when she entered nehemias room found her lying mangled on her bed covered and dead in pools of blood. Chaol and Dorian and a few guards saw her rushing to nehemias chamber with panic in her eyes so they followed her. Everyone was silent as they saw the gruesome corpse of Nehemia and her gaurds. Celeana went mad with the pain of loss. She felt betrayed by chaol and blammed him for nehemias death. So she lunged at him, pulling out her dagger to kill him. She almost stabbed him in the heart but Dorian used his magic to stay the knife before it went Into choals heart and ren, another guard knocked her out. When she was done grieving she went out for revenge. She found nehemias killer fairly quick because it was Grave. After killing grave and getting the man she thought ordered the kill thrown in the dungeon celeana set out to finish what nehemia hadn’t finished. She found out how to open the doors to the under ground dungeon in the library. While in the tunnels she learned that they lead straight to the inside of the clock tower but it was covered completely in obsidian stone. Which made her realize that the king who made the clock tower and owned a ring of the same material was behind all the dark magical things happening and that he had to own one of the wyrd keys. But cleana unknowingly awoken a beast. Dorian came to her rescue and reveled that he had magic to her. Later, she encounters Archer in Elena’s tomb and figures out that he was actually to blame for nehemias murder and kills him but in the midst of the fight she opens a portal that Dorian and chaol help her close. Chaol finds out that she’s fae so tricks the king into letting her go to wyndlyn, land of the fae. But chaol didnt know that Celena is actually Aelin lost princess of terrasen and the one person who could destroy the kingdom that he pledged his allegiance to. Check it out!

From Booklist Now that Celaena Sardothian is safely ensconced as the king’s assassin, after Throne of Glass (2012), she’s begun to consider the true price of her freedom. Tasked with killing her tyrant king’s enemies, Celaena has a tricky balance to strike: proving her loyalty and preserving her life, and trusting the growing voices decrying the king’s power-hungry schemes. But that balance crumbles with an unexpected death and a frenzied search for both the killer and the secrets that murder was meant to hide. Meanwhile, Celaena finds herself in the midst of a steamy love triangle, with jealous glares flying almost as fast as her own daggers. There’s a lot to like in Maas’ latest—magic, witches, betrayal, love, page-flipping action—and it’s balanced by an equally tantalizing secret: Who is Celaena, and what is she hiding? It’s probably best to start at the beginning of the series, and fans will be satisfied not only by the intricate plot, dishy romance, and rich world building but they will be thrilled by the prospect of deepening adventures in the next volume. HIGH-DEMAND BACKSTORY: Author tours, conference appearances, social-media campaigns, global marketing: this up-and-coming author will be making the rounds. Expect her large online fan base to follow. Grades 7-12. –Sarah Hunter –This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

Crown of Midnight (Throne of Glass) Paperback – September 2, 2014 by Sarah J. Maas (Author) Review

The writing is awesome (among the best I’ve seen) and the storytelling is wonderful. I love the complex characters and the twists and challenges they fight through. The evolution of the characters is brilliant. I savored every sentence of the 448 pages. Rated R. The story is about an assassin and people are killed. There is gore and lots of blood. There is inconsequential swearing/cursing, and sex happens but is not described. Series Note: Amazon describes this as Book 2 of 5 (in a 5 Book series). It’s not. There are six books planned and word is that the final installment isn’t coming out until May 2018. I wish I had noticed this before I started the series because the story is so long, so complex with so many things going on I will not remember most of it by the time the sixth book comes out. ARRRGGGHHHHHHHHHHH***Spoiler Alert*** And if that wasnt frustrating enough, Book 5 ends in an infuriating cliffhanger {Redacted}. So, I recommend waiting for the final installment coming out before you dig in to the series. Note that there is a prequel of novellas and a tangent story. That makes a total of seven books. The Book you need to wait for is the eighth book, even though the publisher is calling it Throne of Glass Book #6. -Read Reviews-

Once again non-stop action, if a little gory. Gone is most of the whining from book 1. Now Celaena is all business, though she is still sometimesunsure what is going on. Except when she flies into an uncontrollable rage. Then she really means business. Celaena Sardothien has now been serving as the Kings Assassin for some months now. But it turns out that she has been faking the deaths of the people the King has sent her to assassinate while they flee with their families to safety. But then the King assigns her to a man she once knew there in Rifthold. Supposedly he is involved with a rebel group there in the capital which is trying to interfere with the kings plans. Celaena must find out about this man and his friends, and about the Kings plans so that she will know what to do with him. In the meantime, she decides that Chaol Westfall is the man for her. They have much in common, and the feeling is definitely mutual. But the rebels interfere with them, and they manage to convince her, mostly erroneously that Chaol has betrayed her. In the tangles of this plot, Nehemia is killed. Eventually, in the process of confronting the evidence of the Kings plans, Celaena finds out just how much of the rebels insinuations about Chaol is true and how much is false. But she is not able to completely trust him again. Meanwhile, Prince Dorian has been discovering that he has the ability to use magic. In a country where magic has ceased to exist. Eventually, they discover the source of the Kings power beyond magic. And they discover just a hint of what his plans are. And all of them are only just beginning to discover who they are.

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