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Conflict of Interest (Joe Dillard Series) (Volume 5) Paperback – April 1, 2013 by Scott Pratt (Author)

When I decided to read the Scott Pratt series of five books starring Joe Dillard, I ordered them in order so I could begin at the beginning! The first book was wonderful; the second, third, and fourth also gripping. As I read the 5th book in the series I did so with trepidation, not knowing when I would have the chance to follow Joe Dillard again. Joe is a noble man–an attorney who has been on both sides of the courtroom as a criminal attorney. In the first book he is defending a truly INNOCENT client. Then he becomes disillusioned with criminal defense and decides to join the District Attorney’s office. He’s equally good from that standpoint, as well, but politics rears its ugly head and takes the shine off that line of work! Joe Dillard is noble, vulnerable, loyal, decisive, sometimes he acts before he thinks things through–but he is just a great character. Entirely devoted to and in love with his wife of more than 20 years, Joe suffers as much as his beloved Caroline as she fights a terrible battle against the breast cancer that has invaded her body and, indeed, her marriage and her life. The Joe Dillard series is gripping. I managed to read all five books in about one week (and only stopped when my Kindle ran out of juice)–didn’t do much other stuff that I should have been doing; but I would do it all over again if there were five MORE books in the series. I read all the time; love mysteries and thrillers, adore books with lots of legal angles and courtroom drama. I can not even begin to say how much I love this series of books. Scott Pratt is a marvelous writer who knows his legal stuff, has created a character who is tough, mean-as-a-snake when need be; and gentle as a kitten in his relationship with his wife and he children. READ THIS SERIES OF BOOKS and read them all in order if possible. You will not regret it. Scott Pratt holds his audience in the palm of his hand and his audience loves it! Check it out!

Conflict of Interest (Joe Dillard Series) (Volume 5) Paperback – April 1, 2013 by Scott Pratt (Author) Review

I truly enjoy Pratt’s writing style. All of his books in this series just seem to flow beautifully from page one. The characters are developed well and I’ve enjoyed them from the beginning. It didn’t matter to me that I could kind of figure out how it would end. I think it is a tribute to the writer to lead the reader. Love Sheriff Bates and his quips and his "Johnny-on-the-spot" helpfulness when Joe gets into deep trouble. Joe is a great guy and in love with his wife Caroline as she suffers through a cancer diagnosis and deep and painful treatment. I hope he writes another book in this series. Like Louise Penny’s stories continuing characters from Three Pines they all get to feel like part of my family. As for Joe’s Attorney knowledge I encourage him to continue to "Give ’em hell" and display his skill as he works through the usual politics. -Read Reviews-

Someone needs to tell Scott to talk to his book printer. All his covers warp open. A good book printer knows that the grain of the paper needs to be turned. Scott, look at your books (that have been read) compared to other paperbacks. Your printer is making a rookie mistake. …Now my GLOWING review:This review is about Scott Pratts Joe Dillard series, or at least the first 6 that I have read. It is a terrific series, right up there with the Jessie Stone (William Parker), Harry Bosch (Michael Connelly) and Joe Picket (C. J. Box). If you like lawyer/courtroom or police procedurals or regular guy heroics or the twists and turns of a good mystery, then youll like Scott Pratts Joe Dillard series. Hes got it all. The writing is really good. It moves at a good pace (as Elmore Leonard advised in his list of how to write a good book) leaving out the stuff readers tend to skip over. I live in Tennessee as the main character Joe Dillard does and there is no false note in the characters or the dialogue. As sparse as the writing is, there is plenty of character development and credibility as to the legal system and investigation techniques. Believability is 100%. My only advice is to kill off the sister Sarah. Like with a alcoholic uncle, Id participate in an intervention once, twice or even maybe three times and after that, the hell with him. Even Michael Connelly killed off Boschs ex-wife. Jessie Stone has quit dragging around thoughts of his ex-wife. But hey, thats no deal breaker. We all have our cross to bear and Joe Dillard has his sister plus the other usual accumulated baggage that makes him a believable human worth taking a journey with on the pages of a book.

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