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Command Wire Hooks Value Pack, Small, White, 9-Hooks (17067-9ES)

What these hooks CAN hold, that I have used them for:Baseball hatsPotholdersCalendarsDishtowelsKeys and key-ringsLight weight nylon dog leashes with a small amount of metalEmpty Christmas stockingsEmpty canvas or plastic bagsWhat they CAN NOT hold that I have at some point tried to put on them to see if they would:A hanger with clothing on it (even a child’s size is too heavy)Sweaters, coats or other outerwearMedium-large dog leashes made of nylon or leather, or any pet leash with excessive metal on it. Medium-heavy electrical cordsFilled Christmas stockingsWreath of any weightWall decor of just about any size/weightMugs/cupsSummery:These are meant to hold something about the weight of a potholder or set of keys. Much more and, while it will hold for a short time, it will eventually come off. The metal hooks on them do lift up and down easily. The whole piece is small, not too much larger than a quarter. They stick to all kinds of surfaces very well. I have used them on painted wood, stained wood and hard plastic surfaces. The only time I have ever had one fail on me, was when I put something on it that was obviously too heave to support it. Check it out!

Command Wire Hooks Damage-Free Hanging Solution Forget about nails, screws, tacks or messy adhesives, Command Hooks are fast and easy to hang! Command Products provide an easy, affordable way to decorate and organize your home, school and office. Command Hooks are available in a wide range of designs to match your individual style and decor. They also come in a variety of sizes and hold a surprising amount of weight – up to seven and a half pounds! The revolutionary Command Adhesive holds strongly on a variety of surfaces, including paint, wood, tile and more. Yet, removes cleanly – no holes, marks, sticky residue or stains. Rehanging hooks is as easy as applying a Refill Strip, so you can take down, move and reuse them again and again! Rearrange and get creative with your living space

Command Wire Hooks Value Pack, Small, White, 9-Hooks (17067-9ES) Review

Online I saw a few cool ways to store measuring spoons, and I wanted to duplicate it without putting holes into my cabinetry. If you can’t see the picture in user submitted pictures, I just hung the hooks on the back side of the cabinet. These hooks provided a great way to store my measuring devices. They were extremely easy to place: just peel one side, stick it to the wall and then peel the other side and attach the hook. They have been holding all my measuring spoons and cups for >1. 5 months without an issue. They unfortunately don’t hold that much weight (0. 5 lbs. ). I tried to hold up a pan that weighed just over 1 pound. It fell within 12 hours. It however did NOT damage the cabinetry laminate. There are extra stickies that come with it in case you need them. Also note, these are white. Sadly I didn’t realize you could by clear ones too. So now my hooks don’t match for holding up all my measuring spoons. -Read Reviews-

Rearrange as often as you like; easy to apply, easy to reposition without surface damage

Works on a variety of surfaces; each hook holds up to 1/2 lb.

Plastic base and wire hook to hold utensils with eyelets and other small items

Damage-Free Hanging

Holds strongly

Removes cleanly

Easy to apply and remove

Works on a variety of surfaces

Ripped all layers of paint off of the wall down to the drywall in my dorm when I tried to take them down the proper way as instructed. Now I have to pay a fee or spackle the wall myself.

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