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Command Picture Hanging Strips, Small, White, 8-Strips Each, 3 pack

Magic! These are magic!! I used these Tomane me a picture wall!!! All of my picture frames are hung with these! Can’t wait to finish my next picture wall project! Check it out!

Decorating possibilities abound with 3M Command Picture Hanging Strips. Display framed pictures, lightweight clocks and mirrors, and artwork on just about any wall in your home. Use these hanging strips to mount a dry erase board to your fridge for leaving messages, add pictures and favorite memorabilia to dorm rooms, personalize your office by hanging your diploma and awards. These strips allow you to take command of your space by adding your own personal style. You can easily remove the picture hanging strips without damaging the walls, so you’re free to experiment with new decorating ideas and change your environment as often as you’d like. However you hang it, your item will lock securely into place. Applying 3M Command Picture Hanging Strips to just about any flat, clean surface is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Allow the adhesive strip an hour to set after application. An ideal alternative to nails, tacks, or tape, 3M Command Adhesive holds strong, yet doesn’t leave a sticky residue or stains. To remove, simply grasp the hook and stretch the 3M Command Strip straight down slowly until the base and strip release from the wall. With 3M Command, redecorating or relocating items is easier than ever.

Command Picture Hanging Strips, Small, White, 8-Strips Each, 3 pack Review

Worked great until I pulled 2 pieces of 8"x8" light weight 8 ounce art board off my wall along with 2 big pieces of sheetrock layers!! How did this happen? Now I’m afraid to use it again. I bought 4 different packs for different lbs. I wonder what’s going to happen when I use Command "Damage Free" with something that weighs more than 8 ounces?!?!? -Read Reviews-

Includes 3 packs of 4 sets (8 strips total per pack) of small strips.

Holds up to 4lbs strongly and removes cleanly – 1 Pound per set

Adhesives leave no marks or residue after removal.

Strips function on a variety of surfaces for versatile use. Adheres to paint, wood, tile and more.

Picture locks in place.

I have used Command Hanging Strips since they first became available. They come in so many sizes and for so many applications that I keep a variety of them in my tool box. They can be used both permanently and for temporary displays . Especially in demand around the holidays. No more nail holes around the house.

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