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Come On Over + 2

I haven’t listened to the American arrangement of Come On Over, but I will say that this arrangment is brilliant! This album just flows so well, the mixing and production is very, very good. The mixture of styles is excellent and still contains that country feel really well. Her ballads like "From this moment on", "You’ve got a Way" and "You’re still the one" show of her voice, whereas the album is still jam-packed with sing-along songs that gets you going for a really good night out! I love the way she can speak what she feels and this is a brilliant woman’s album (it makes you feel good). You get carried away when you’re listening to it and I now know all the words by heart. This album appeals to everyone from rock to country, young to old fans and don’t give up the chance to get it. Check it out!

Japanese edition of her hit 1997 album featuring the front &back cover art of the international edition, all 16 of theinternational version’s cuts, and two unmarked bonus tracks:’Love Get Me Every Time’ (Mach 3 Remix) and the original hitversion of the sm




Come On Over + 2 Review


Shania Twain is a very gifted artist but now that she is trying to impress all of these international audiences (Canada excluded) she is losing her true roots. She may be getting fans all around the world, but she is cutting off the ones here in the state. Please, Shania, stick ot country music, it’s what you’re incredibe at. -Read Reviews-

Shania writes music that goes out to everybody. It’s the style of her music that makes her on top of her field, whether country or pop! She is not "on her way" anymore, SHE HAS ARRIVED!!

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