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Color Zoo Paperback – 1989 by Lois Ehlert (Author)

When I ordered it, I didn’t quite understand how ingenious this book’s design would be, or even what it would really look like. Others have explained it, but here’s one more try: Each animal is created from the layers of cut-out, colored shapes on each page (stacked on top of each other). So as you pull back the page you are on, it reveals a different abstract version of another animal below. Really lovely for toddlers just learning about animals and mesmerized by these vibrant colors and shapes. Check it out!

Shapes and colors in your zoo, lots of things that you can do. Heads and ears, beaks and snouts, that’s what animals are all about. I know animals and youdo too; make some new ones for your zoo.

Color Zoo Paperback – 1989 by Lois Ehlert (Author) Review

I bought this as a gift for a very young person– actually for her grandmother. This to me is an unheralded classic and a book which should be in every toddler’s bookshelf. Ehlert’s work is brilliant in its simplicity. This book has cut outs which reveal different animals and you open the pages. The brilliance is that the cut outs are various geometic shapes and colors. So the child is being taught not only shapes, colors, and animals, but new ways of viewing and creating art using these basic shapes and colors. I also highly recommend Growing Vegetable Soup and Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. -Read Reviews-

This is a great book for learning about shapes, colors and animals. The cut-outs in the pages that change the animal shown on each page are really clever and add an element of peek-a-boo for little readers. The bright colors and simple shapes plus the simple text ("rectangle", "ox") really make this a good book for self-exploration by babies and toddlers, although it is fun and interactive when adults read it to babies as well. This is a classic every little library should have.

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