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College Dropout

Amazon please help me. Many songs are missing from what the description tells you and songs are out of place. Many great songs are missing and most, if not all the skits are not there. Their not hidden in the songs, there just not there. Which is funny because the vinyl has a lot of extra room that can easily fit them all. I don’t know if I received a wrong vinyl or what? Many report just a horriblely pressed record that skips on every song, so I hope this isn’t there fix. I feel cheated. Please help me Check it out!

Product description WEST KANYE THE COLLEGE DROPOUT This debut from the most sought-after hip-hop producer not named Pharrell delivers the unthinkable: West magically sledgehammers home his opinions on taboo topics over beats that are equally daring. The envelope-ripping beats shouldn’t come as a surprise given that he’s supplied the soundscapes to monster singles by everyone from Alicia Keys (“You Don’t Know My Name”) to Talib Kweli (“Get By”). What is freakish is that in West’s world, rhymes about strippers, God, college life, and guns can co-exist tidily and not undermine each other. On “Breathe In Breathe Out” he raps “I gotta apologize to Mos and Kweli/is it cool to rap about gold if I told the world I copped it from Ghana and Mali”–tongue firmly planted in cheek. On the catchy “Through the Wire,” fuelled by a Chaka Khan hook, he spits some impeccable rhymes despite his jaw being wired shut after a near-fatal car accident. Maybe it was this brush with mortality that kicked his lyrics into high gear on “All Falls Down.” The skits on here are just as potent, one poking fun at the overeducated underclass that makes a small fraction of the loot he does. With jaw-dropping cameos from Jay-Z, Common, Mos Def, and the Harlem Boys Choir plus the feel-good club tune of the year, “Slow Jamz” featuring Twista, College Dropout is as explosive, contradictory, and complex as rap music gets. –Dalton Higgins

College Dropout Review

It plays pretty well, but it occasionally skips if I don’t put a penny on the needle. The real problem was that THE SKITS WERE MISSING. AND THOUGH THE WIRE WAS IN THE WRONG TRACK SPOT. Even worse is it doesn’t have "I’ll Fly Away" on it either. Really disappointed cause all those things cut make the album so great. I guess I’ll have to buy the CD to actually enjoy myself. -Read Reviews-

Fans of the album purchasing the vinyl will be disappointed. As others have stated, Through The Wire is out of order and feels out of place. There are several skits and interludes on the original album that weren’t all that great and are missing on the vinyl. Relistening to the album without them you know they’re missing. Overall, this does not give the same flow or feel of the original. Wait for a better version or just listen to the digital or CD version.

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