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Coastal Tea, Mango Peach Mint Green Tea, Loose Leaf Blend, 3.5 Ounce

I loooooove mango! This tea was delicious. I loved the complexity of the mango, peach, and black tea leaves all together. I also tried making some of this ahead and refrigerating it, and it made an awesome cold drink as well! I was able to receive a sample of this free to review. I take review writing very seriously and ethically as I too heavily depend on the Amazon community for my personal purchases. I was overall a happy camper! I forsee many mango tea days ahead lol. Check it out!

This sweet citrus green tea blend balances real peices of dried mango, dried mint leaves, and natural peach oils to bring a vibrant, refreshing taste to a premium sencha green tea base. Carefully crafted with the highest quality ingredients, this isn’t your typical box store tea blend. We meticulously seek out quality ingredients to provide a natural, true tea experience with a great taste.

Coastal Tea, Mango Peach Mint Green Tea, Loose Leaf Blend, 3.5 Ounce Review

I gave two stars because it delivered as promise. As for the tea taste, I didn’t like it. When I opened the bag, it smells is super minty. As for the taste, taste nothing like sencha with mango. It does say: mango, peach, mint, sencha green tea but the mint is so strong that I can’t taste anything else. -Read Reviews-

Coastal Tea Company Mango Tea, Loose Leaf Blend, 3. 5 Ounces, Dried Mango Pieces, Peach Nectar, Sencha Green TeaI love tea, so am always looking for new flavors and varieties. The taste of these tea is fantastic! Plus, green tea is the healthiest variety of tea as it is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients. Green tea has so many health benefits including improving brain funciton, increasing fat burning, improving physical performance, lowers risk of infection, as well as many others. However, I don’t care for the taste of many green teas. But, the addition of mango, peach, and mint really makes this one stand out!According to the package the ingredients are; "Premium blend of sencha green tea mixed with dried mango pieces, peach flavoring oils, and a hint of mint. .. no artificial flavors, chemicals, or additives are used for flavoring"This is loose leaf tea, so you need to use an infuser or disposable bags. I used a stainless steel infuser and added about 2 teaspoons to boiling water. Personally, I like stronger tasting tea, so I let it steep for 5 minutes. So far, I have had this tea about 3 or 4 times and really love all the flavors. You can taste the mango and peach, with a hint of mint. However, I have found the taste isn’t consistent. Since there are dried pieces of mango, some cups have more of a mango flavor than others. But, this isn’t a big deal as I love the taste of mango.

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