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Clifford The Big Red Dog Thinking Adventures - PC/Mac

Although Clifford’s Thinking Adventures is rated for children ages 4-6, my 3 1/2 has been playing with it, loving it, and learning (without knowing it!) since we received it from Amazon a week ago. There are three difficulty levels, and even on the Easy setting I have been impressed with the level of thinking my daughter has shown in figuring out the puzzles and also in the long term goal of getting Clifford to his birthday party. When you play, you first choose 4 jewels for Clifford’s collar, which show up along the way as you explore the game and work on the more difficult, multi-part tasks which must be completed before Clifford’s birthday party may begin. These tasks involve your putting together various items you find in the game to solve problems. For instance, one of the tasks is for Clifford to get a bath and brush so he will look spiffy for the party. Fair enough, but this task cannot simply be accomplished by going to the dog groomer’s shop (Clifford is too big to get through the door!). Later, as the game is played, you will find that the groomer, who previously closed his shop at the mere sight of the humongous Clifford, is taking a balloon ride in the park. What do you do when his balloon gets stuck in the tree and he can’t get down? Think think think. about using that rope ladder we saw earlier by the fire station? When the groomer gets down, he is so greatful that he gives Clifford a grooming kit he can use, if he can find enough water to bathe in. Where is there enough water? Think think think. ..was that a swimming pool I saw on the map??There are plenty of games and puzzles along the way to the party as well. For instance, when Clifford accidentally knocks over the stand in front of the grocery store, you have to piece the broken sign back together (puzzle – spacial relationships) and put the grocery items back on the proper shelves in a certain order (following directions, counting). I have noticed that the games and item locations can change from game to game for repeat playability. The game is also automatically saved wherever you happen to be, even if you do not close out of the game properly. This is a nice feature for small kids. I have very few criticisms of the game. Actually moving Clifford around on the map in the game where you take people (and their cars) home according to their directions ("I live in the yellow house next to the three apple trees") can be a little bit tricky to master. Also, I first thought that it was a little annoying that the game does not give you a cursor to click until the characters in the scenes stop talking. I now think that this is a good idea, because it forces you to listen and to think about what the characters are saying instead of just clicking away as on an arcade game. I changed my sound card a few nights ago, and went into Clifford to test it after my daughter had gone to bed. I ended up playing an entire game myself using one of the more difficult modes. About halfway through my wife walked in and started giving her suggestions over my shoulder. Yes, we really enjoyed Clifford too! Check it out!

Product Description Help Clifford’s owner handle all her chores before the Big Red Dog’s birthday party! / Ages 4-8 Children direct a skill-building journey through Clifford’s neighborhood, looking for ways to make his birthday party big fun. Entertaining activities encourage children to use their problem-solving and reasoning skills as well as their imaginations. Kids are part of the action as they track down Clifford’s special birthday package, decorate his huge cake, and more.




Clifford The Big Red Dog Thinking Adventures – PC/Mac Review


First, it works–that’s good because I’ve seen lots of reviews where software did NOT work! We put it on an elderly Gateway running XP and it installed and worked right away. My 6-year-old granddaughter liked it enough to go all the way through on the first try. There were lots of activities and it did require some thinking. It remains to be seen if she liked it enough to want to do it again. It seemed a LITTLE tedious, but that may be because we did not know that some things should be done before others. Next time she plays it, she’ll know. I’d have liked some directions but maybe figuring it out is part of the “Thinking Adventure. ” No reading is required, but someone should read the signs posted around town to kids who can’t read them independently. Best activity: putting the spilled groceries back on the shelves. Worst: driving cars around the map of town–it was hard to steer them with the mouse. -Read Reviews-

Before Clifford’s birthday celebration can start, Emily Elizabeth has to plan out 18 different activities .

Everything from taking Clifford to the Dog Groomers to going to the Post Office

They’ll have fun helping Emily find her missing jewelry while sorting, counting and matching

They’ll also get to bake a cake, play a soccer game, and much more

Adjustable skill levels. Ages 4-8

I’ve have about 10 computer games for my 2 year old grand-daughter and out of them all, this is the one she likes the best and begs to play everytime she comes over. She has it mastered on the easy level. She loves looking for the jewels and finding the ladder to save the groomer. Digging in Clifford’s back yard to find the matching objects, and putting the groceries back on the shelf that Clifford has knocked over are other favorites. She loves decorating the cake and giving Clifford a bath and will sometimes go back and do it a second time in the same game. She has learned to hit the “ESCAPE” button to quicken the game along and skip all the talking to get playing the games! I like the fact that it is different every time. I would highly recommend this game and think she will be playing it for quite some time.

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