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Classic Crafts Rock Tumbler Classic Refill

A classic and always a pleaser. My daughter loved it. She is 10 and enjoys science, arts & crafts and jewelery, so this all areas and she was thrilled to get started and enjoyed the process as well as the final gemstone like finish!The only problem or disapoint I had was CHEAP GRAY JEWLERY MOUNTS IN THE PACKAGE! We had to go to the craft store to buy shiny more realistic looking jewelry mounts. You must order refill kit to automatically because there is only enough grit to polish half the stones as the directions say in the kit. "I recommend you use all the the stones. Theres plenty of room and grit if you don’t want to buy a refill like did. " Check it out!

Product description Transforms rough stones into beautiful, semiprecious gems; Includes: Tumbling machine, rough semiprecious stones, grit, polish, jewelry settings, and instruction manual. Refill Kit includes semiprecious stones, grit, polish, and jewelry settings. From the Manufacturer Refill you supplies for your Rock Tumbler. Everything needed to replenish your kit. Refill allows for continued fun when your original supply runs out. Includes: rough semi precious stones, grit, polish, jewelry settings and glue. Ages 10 and up.




Classic Crafts Rock Tumbler Classic Refill Review


OK, so this rock tumbler is just an entry-level machine, so don’t expect much more than that. For a first tumbler for a child, it was decent and did its job. It included rocks, and it tumbled rocks. Pros: it comes with everything you need (3 sizes of grit, tumbler, and samples of different kinds of rocks, plus small metal pieces to make jewelry). It runs well, and we used it to process two batches of rocks for a science project, where we tumbled large rocks down to small and some rocks even down to nothing!Cons: It really only comes with enough grit to run one batch of rocks through teh coarse, fine, and polish cycle. If you want to run another batch, you will need more grit. It is kind of messy – instructions say to rub cooking oil along the rim of the lid, which prevents leaking, but does create some messy run-off. It is also somewhat loud, but putting a loose-fitting large box over the tumbler in use abates some of the noise (just allow for ventilation!). It is also on the small size – if you want to tumbler bigger loads of rocks, this will not work. Lastly, we found that the smooth plastic lid rim would slip on the tumbler belt – the belt would go, but the tumbler would not move. This can be solved by roughening the lid rim a bit (rub it on the sidewalk or street), which made it work like a champ!Overall, some pros and some cons. But hey, it is just an entry-level rock tumbler. -Read Reviews-

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Refill you supplies for your Rock Tumbler

Everything needed to replenish your kit

Refill allows for continued fun when your original supply runs out

Includes: rough semi precious stones, grit, polish, jewelry settings and glue

Ages 10 and up

Bought this for my granddaughter who mined some rocks at a Halloween Pumpkin Farm. Ordered it on a Thursday and it was delivered on a Sunday, fantastic! One full week of uninterrupted operation with no leaks. As expected it is a little noisy. I have it running in our garage so that is not an issue. After reading the reviews, I decided to let it run with the course next year for 2 1/2 weeks. Then I’ll put the second step in next year and let that run for a week, and finally the third step for a week. Our plan is to polish the stones the she minded, and make jewelry to give as Christmas presents. At present I don’t believe we are going to use the plastic ring and pendant much that come with the kit. We are going to get some metal ones from the hobby store.

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