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Chump Change: A Leo Waterman Mystery, Book 8 Audiobook – Unabridged G. M. Ford (Author),

G.M. Ford is a new find for me. I love the characters and the mysteries are a lot of fun and well written. I’ve read everything he’s written. However, I believe CHUMP CHANGE is the best. Mr. Ford’s writing is smooth as always–he’s a great writer. But his metaphors are spot on and in character. And Leo is, as always, marvelous but his insights about the influence of wealth on his life and about the mosaics of our lives add a thoughtfulness and self-awareness that make him an even more interesting character. Could he be growing up? Mr. Ford also introduces a twist I didn’t expect, just as Leo is planning to get out of this dangerous and probably futile investigation. Keith is a great character and maybe Leo will reconnect with his long-time love? Can’t wait for the next novel in this terrific series. Please write fast. G.M. Check it out!

Chump Change: A Leo Waterman Mystery, Book 8 Audiobook – Unabridged G. M. Ford (Author), Review

I just finished this Leo Waterman book, and I’m very happy to say I really enjoyed Leo and friends – again. Again, as in, I enjoyed all the other books in this series. (Spoiler-ish)Leo’s adventure takes place for the most part outside Seattle, his usual stomping ground, and he immediately gets into trouble, as usual. This time he has a sidekick, in the person of a young man, Keith, who wants to be a policeman. Keith committed an act that nearly made him unfit for law enforcement and enraged Leo. But after gunfights, close calls, cuts, scrapes, encounters with trained killer dogs, and the locals in a small town in Idaho, Leo was able to solve the mystery of the death of one of his acquaintances and help a family, facing harassment and loss of property to big wheeler-dealers who want their land for a casino, as well as help – and forgive – Keith. Leo has some adventures with several women in this story, and we may see the reconciliation of an old lost romance in future books. All of Leo’s old buddies – funny, well-meaning, homeless drunks who sometimes help Leo with investigations – show up at times throughout this story. Read the complete Leo Waterman series. It’s laugh-out-loud funny and very intense at times. This one is no exception. -Read Reviews-

I love all the Leo Waterman books, and this one is no exception. I only gave it 4 stars vs. 5 because the group of homeless guys that Leo befriends and who help him from time to time are not in Chump Change very much, and I miss them! It started with a bang, then slowed, and I despaired that the level of action I’ve come to expect from GM Ford might be missing. Wrong! It picked back up, and before the end I was again chewing my nails — which is normal when reading a GM Ford book (Waterman or Corso). For my money, GM Ford is so much better than some others authors of the same genre — like Baldacci. Another fascinating plot, villains you despise, fallible people that you love (but, again, not enough of his homeless helpers in this one), and indestructible, wise-cracking Leo. Somehow we accept the fact that Leo is indestructible while still fearing for his survival! That’s the fun of a Leo Waterman or Frank Corso GM Ford book. If you haven’t read one of the Leo Waterman books, try one, you’ll like them. You can read them out of order and still enjoy them; but, if you can, start with the first one, "Who in H— is Wanda F–a", so you’ll get to know and love Leo and his homeless crew from the beginning!

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