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Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water

I know a lot of people hate this band and hate Fred durst. I understand his lyrics are childish at times and he sort of comes off like a d bag. And if someone’s loves hip hop so much why are they making hard rock and metal music? Well at the tender age of 16 I got into this band with three dollars bills y’all along with bands like korn, deftones, 311, and stuck mojo that I still listen to today. I take pride in the music I listen metal or rock or any kind of music. Which I think my guilty pleasure is limp bizkit I still love the songs and musicianship is really good I love how tight the band is. And Wes Borland is one of the most underated gutiar players of all time with his stage presence to his awesome guitar playing. But now to the music so sort of blend their influences more and also go in a more mainstream vibe but still keeping the edge and production value. Blended metal bands like korn, pantera, Metallica, white zombie, and rage with this sort of hip hop pop vibe which makes a sort of unusually rock, metal, pop, hip hop hybrid anyone can love and a lot of people did you wouldn’t expect liked it. But I still busy it out and listen to for old times sake and it’s just a fun rock album much love for Fred durst and co. They got me into other rock and metal bands I love today! Check it out!

Product description Chocolate Starfish And The Hot Dog Flavored … – Li… The splicing together of nu metal, rap, funk, and sterile electronica laced with dark melodies as infectious as anything Britney has to offer inspired 6 million people to purchase copies of Limp Bizkit’s Significant Other. With Chocolate Starfish, they perfect their formula. From the electro-infused “Intro” through the contagiously chugging “My Generation” to the straight-up rap of “Getcha Groove On,” Chocolate Starfish is a slick, clinical, and flawless platform for Fred Durst’s effortlessly savage–and occasionally unintentionally comic–sociological rants geared toward disaffected youth. Ultimately, though, it’s that undeniably intelligent musical backdrop–the brooding guitar sound that gave the Mission Impossible 2 theme haunting new life and menace, and that defines “Hot Dog,” “Full Nelson,” “My Way,” “Rollin’,” “Boiler,” and “It’ll Be Okay”–that makes this a seething work of genius. The fact is, with rap and rock saying pretty much the same thing, Limp Bizkit have plenty of competition. They just do what they do better than everyone else. –Dan Gennoe




Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water Review


Awesome CD. Great shipping speed. Love my seller. I will shop again! -Read Reviews-

So, yeah. Hotdogs. Love them. So much for being a Vegetarian last year. That didnt work out. Anywho, I love this album. Yeah, well, you can be all high and mighty and act like you dont like Limp Bizkit and you can just be a liar as far as Im concerned. Riddle for you: If I were a 12 year old boy at heart, and was going to put a hot dog somewhere, where would that be?Hint: Its not a bun and Im gonna look for more music!

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