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Cherry Falls / Terror Tract

The 5 stars is for Cherry Falls. Reason why I’m giving it such a high rating is because the movie itself is done very well, though it had to be re-cut 5 times to get a R-rating, the original version was very brutal and bloody but we’ll never get to see that thanks to MPAA >:( this movie has always been my favorite horror film/teen slasher! I’ve seen the tv version, this (r-rated version) and hoping to see the directors cut on Blu-ray. I remember looking for this film on dvd like crazy now I finally own it 🙂 If you love Brittany Murphy and the teen slasher flicks than this is definitely for you. Also this movie has a couple of funny scenes, but don’t worry it doesn’t take away from the horror rather it actually adds some character to the movie! Oh and Terror Tract was actually pretty good, its 3 different horror stories so it was interesting, super kool to watch with your friends. Enjoy with friends and family on Halloween 8) Check it out!

Cherry Falls / Terror Tract




Cherry Falls / Terror Tract Review


This DVD contains 2 more obscure Horror Films that never made it to the theatre. Cherry Falls- starring Brittany Murphy & Jay MohrPlot- The town of Cherry Falls is shocked when a killer starts offing the teenage population, which happen to all be Virgins. When the students learn about the killers modus operandi, they throw a ”Pop Your Cherry Ball” where the students can surrender their virginity. This movie is rare in the fact its usually the ones who are having the sex who are offed first, this time it’s the virgins. This film was also recommended in Fangoria’s ‘100 Horror Films youve never seen’. Overall, its a decent horror film with a different twist to it. Terror Tract- starring John RitterNow this one was suprisiningly unique. This is a Creepshow like film, except it dosent have the cartoons with the stories. Plot- A real estate agent is showing a couple around town who are looking to buy a home. Every home they go to seems to have some terrible murder that happened in it. John starts telling the creepy stories when he gets in the house and is showing them around. Story One ‘First House’- About a couple having an affair and some crazy husband or lover who finds them together. They put him in the lake but he ends up coming back. And a twist at the end. Pretty good story but not as scary as the other 2. Story Two ‘Second House’- Wow, this story was good and creepy, I sure wouldnt buy the house after hearing this one. Its about an evil monkey a little girl finds in her tree outside. Her dad lets her keep it in the house for a little bit but still has a feeling theres something wrong with the monkey when he starts biting him and throwing stuff at the dog. He finally gets fed up and wants the monkey out but the monkey wont leave and he starts trying all kinds of tricks to get him out, but the monkey keeps returning and the ending is brutal! This story makes me feel different about monkies now. Excellent story. Story Three ‘Third House’- This story is about a teenager whos having premonitions of a murderer on the loose and seeing pyschic visions of the killings. Hes worried the killer will strike again and is getting feelings so he goes to some therapist lady to tell her. This story would have been great as a whole film. The ‘killer’ in this film is so scary. Hes called ”granny” and wears a granny mask that is one of the most frightening masks ive ever seen a killer wear. Whenever he kills he says ‘ Dont worry, its only Granny!!’ then he kills them with an ax or a knife. This one was great. Then the ending where Ritter has to make the sale of a home before the days up but the couple is so freaked out they dont want to buy a home now. The ending was a twist and it was funny at the same time. 4 stars for Terror Tract, Highly Recommended. -Read Reviews-

Cherry Falls had a unique storyline and is very funny. However, I wouldn’t call it horror because all the gore is edited out of the film. Yes, the swearing is intact but the gore is cut out. I read in Fangoria’s 101 Best Horror Movies You’ve Never Seen that the film was originally NC-17 and to be released in theaters yet something happened and it got sold to USA Network where it was butchered. Since one of the credits on the dvd is USA Network, I believe that this is the copy you see on tv with the language intact. It was a funny movie no doubt but i’d like to see the full, gore intact version. However, I dont see many people wanting it. Terror Tract is a good movie. It has John Ritter as a house salesman who tells poetintal home owners about the horrors that happened there. It was a very good movie but I cant tell if it’s edited because I was a made for tv film. Overall, Cherry Falls is a funny movie with a unique story to tell. Even though it’s edited, it may be the only way to see it. I know they have region 2 dvds of Cherry Falls but I dont know if those are edited for content. Terror Tract was a very good movie though.

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