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Cherringham - A Cosy Crime Series Compilation (Cherringham 1 - 3) Audible – Unabridged Matthew Costello (Author),

The issue for me and the reason for two stars goes beyond writing mechanics. The plot is simplistic, the characters underdeveloped, the conflict almost nonexistent. I got no sense of tension, no sense of danger, of something valuable at risk of being lost, no real connection between the characters beyond what the writers "tell" us. Everything is lovely to start with and stays that way to the end. The story is a classic example of telling rather than showing. I think that’s what these two writers should work on since they have the basic story elements. Now, make them come alive. Check it out!

Cherringham – A Cosy Crime Series Compilation (Cherringham 1 – 3) Audible – Unabridged Matthew Costello (Author), Review

It’s barely worth 3 stars, more like 2.5. The writing is clunky, the characters wooden and situations stereotyped. The stories are short, written in short scenes that almost invariably end with a sentence beginning with ‘And’, such as "And then she went into the kitchen". And as if that wasn’t enough, there are a few such sentences thrown into the general text for good measure. I managed to read through episodes 1-3 because I had the book I but won’t be bothering with any more. -Read Reviews-

This is a compilation of three books that came out as a serial. I will probably move on to the next compilation in this series. I’m all into the cozy mystery now and this series didn’t disappoint. It is well written by two authors, one Brit and one American. The main characters, Jack and Sarah, are likable and work well in the story. The stories themselves are not all that complex and hard-boiled. It is more about the two sleuths determining that a crime has occurred and they pursue it until the culprit is cornered or gives themselves away. I like the setting in a small town. I like that Jack is an ex-pat and has a painful past. You know that he and Sarah will get romantic at some point but I do like that they don’t even think about it in this book.

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