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Charlie The Lonesome Cougar [VHS]

This is a cute inconsequential movie that used to serve as part of a Disney double feature back in the 60s. These types of movies were never long or challenging in plot. In this particular case, you have minimal acting with Rex Allen narrating the story of a cougar and his mini-adventures/escapades. This movie was filmed in the Columbia River Gorge in Washington. It takes great advantage of the landscape. It’s a fun piece, nothing substantial, lots of slapstick humor. (Amusingly enough, I recall seeing this movie in a theater, paired with a main feature. This movie I fondly remember, and just had to have for my collection, what the main feature was I can’t recollect. ) Check it out!

Charlie The Lonesome Cougar [VHS] [VHS Tape] (1967) Ron Brown; Brian Russell




Charlie The Lonesome Cougar [VHS] Review


This is just a really cute movie! When I was teaching 7th grade I would show it on reward day and the kids loved it. It was clean with no bad words or situations. Now my three year old grandson loves it. I have another grandson that will soon be old enough to enjoy it. This is a timeless enjoyable family movie. -Read Reviews-

Charlie the Lonesome Cougar is a story about a man named Jess Bradley who adopts an orphaned cougar cub and names him Good Time Charlie or Charlie for short. Charlie soon becomes the star of the lumber mill where Jess works. Everyone loves him except for the local dog Chainsaw. He gives Charlie fits that’ll leave you laughing for a long time. The very idea of a little fox terrier being able to scare a cougar is ridiculous, but Charlie didn’t know he was a cougar. When Charlie gets bigger he starts causing a lot of problems at the lumber mill which leads to his banishment. After that he escapes into the wild and actually lives as a wild cougar for a time. He eventually makes his way back to the lumber mill, but by this time he is more wild than tame. I give the DVD 4 instead of 5 stars because in the Wonderful World of Disney version there’s a scene not in the DVD that explains how Charlie gets his name. He is pestering Jess and knocking papers off his table onto the floor, and Jess says, "I guess I can’t keep saying Hey You all the time, so I’ll call you Good Time Charlie. " For some reason, this scene is omitted from the VHS and DVD releases of the movie. Also the mono instead of stereo or 5. 1 soundtrack, but it’s still great.

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