Buy “Champro Abdomen Extension for CP13/14 (Black, 6-Inch) Catchers Baseball Chest Protectors Sports & Outdoors” Online

Champro Abdomen Extension for CP13/14 (Black, 6-Inch)

I bought this after receiving the Champro Chest protector as the stomach area was exposed and vulnerable. This item should have been part of the Chest protector as the Champro Umpire Chest Protector only covered the upper torso leaving the lower abdominal area unprotected. The velcro strip makes it easy to remove if desired. Could have saved on the additional shipping charges. Check it out!

Champro Pro-Plus Abdomen Extension for Pro-Plus Chest Protectors – Abdomen Extension for Champro CP13, CP135, CP14 Chest Protector – 6 inch length

Champro Abdomen Extension for CP13/14 (Black, 6-Inch) Review

Get it and add it to the chest protection gear you’ll not regret it. Excellent product lightweight but serves its purpose 110%, no matter what the temperature is it stays very cool and protects as it should. Overall very pleased with this purchase and I’d purchase it again if needed. -Read Reviews-

5-way adjustable harness with dual quick release clips

Full shoulder coverage

Ergonomic design allows for excellent range of motion and eliminates bunching while in a crouched position

Both front straps came in sewn within the first two games. The first came off when I was tryin the things on when it came in. Since then I’ve sewn them both back on and using it. Figured it would’ve been too much trouble trying to ship it back.

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