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Car Roof Cargo bag Protective Mat Non-Slip Roof Protection 39" x 35"

Couldn’t be happier with our purchase. Going on vacation is never a problem but coming home is a different story. I was expecting a need for extra storage space so we prepared for our trip by purchasing a cargo bag. Protecting our van is of utmost importance so we purchased this protective pad as well. You literally unfold and place under your belongings before strapping down. It folds up easily and is stored in my van now that it’s not in use. If it matters, we used it on a Chrysler Town and Country. We’ll be using it again real soon to protect the van from the lack of 10′ kayaks which will not be easy to get up and down. Check it out!

Features and Specification: Made of a special thick, rubbery, non-slip webbing. Anti-slip material to keep cargo from slipping during transit. Thickness 4mm, protects the roofs paint from scratching during travel. Size fits most vehicles and can be cut to any size. Dimensions: 39 inch length x 35 inch width. Use our thick protective pad to prevent damage from roof cargo carriers. Rubberized mat helps prevent cargo shift and slippage during transit. 35×39 pad can be cut to fit, or folded for additional protection. Use with all rooftop cargo carriers, bike racks, kayak racks, luggage carriers, etc. Use with cars, trucks, or vans. Interior or exterior. Purchase extras for larger spaces or multiple vehicles. Get yours today! TRY AmazingPlace TODAY! Remember…If you’re unhappy with our products in any way, we’ll completely refund your purchase. No questions asked.Our products are trusted by many customers. Our focus on Superior Quality means Superior Performance that you can count on when it matters.

Car Roof Cargo bag Protective Mat Non-Slip Roof Protection 39" x 35" Review

Bought this to go under the roof top luggage bag for my car. It did its job wonderfully. I even had to put it on in the rain. Its just like the rubber stuff that goes under rugs to keep them from moving only this is thicker. It was a little difficult to keep it from sliding around while trying to put the heavy bag on it but i should have loaded the bag once i had it on the car not before. Keep in mind my car was wet. I have used it since when hauling a matress on top of my car across town. Definitely helps things not slide or scratch the top of my car. -Read Reviews-

PREVENT DAMGAGE Thick protective pad fits neatly under roof cargo carrier and protects against scratches and gouges, fits under cargo carriers

ANTI-SLIP Use the reinforced, rubberized mat under roof racks to help keep cargo from slipping during transit. Works with roof rack crossbars, rooftop cargo carrier, roof basket, car top carrier, car storage roof box and luggage carrier.

UNIVERSAL SIZE The generous 35 x 39 size assures pad fits most vehicles. Cut to fit or fold for extra protection. Great with rooftop cargo carrier and car roof storage cargo bags

FOR CARS AND TRUCKS Pad can be used on a roof, in a truck bed or in any trunk or cargo space to help prevent load shift.

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Helps to make the roof bag not slip around. Also helps the car-top carrier to not scratch the top of your car.

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