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Captivated by You: Crossfire Series, Book 4 Audible – Unabridged Sylvia Day (Author),

I am unsure on how to rate this book. I am emotionally drained from reading it. I was so invested in the characters and the story line and the hits kept on coming. I am trying to be objective considering the fact that it is the 4th in a 5 book series so I knew there would be no satisfaction at the end. This book spans over a 3 week period in their relationship so it can’t be resolved. If you understand the process of healing from sexual abuse you will get what she was getting at. She needed to develop that side of Gideon POV and that process is emotional and difficult to get through. Having said that, the Brett Kline thing was disappointing and I wish it would have been left out. If you are invested in this series , you will enjoy this book but please be prepared for the roller coaster ride and understand that is purely character development and no significant advances in the storyline. So in a direct appeal to Silvia Day. If you are at all reading your reviews. Thank you for showing the male perspective of a sexual abuse survivor and the consequences if you have not dealt with it. But please . ………. for book # 5 let them both find their strength and claim their life. Finish their story line where it was worth for us to invest 3 years into this series. Skip the cookie cutter way out and span it over a few years not just weeks. If there ever was an extensive Happy Ending needed it would be in this series. Considering the time investment of the readers. I sincerely hope to see “One with you”published within a few months. Not years!! Check it out!

Captivated by You: Crossfire Series, Book 4 Audible – Unabridged Sylvia Day (Author), Review

Please be aware there will be small spoilers concerning the plotline. It is such a shame. …..this series started out so strong. Bared To You and Reflected In You were absolute perfection. Entwined With You (book 3) was just okay for me, but I understood going into it that is was a transition book so I didn’t expect too much to happen. The best part of EWY was Gideon and Eva solidified their relationship. Looking forward to Captivated By You, I had very high hopes. I had read some interviews with Ms. Day and watched her on Youtube explaining books 4 and 5 would focus on Gideon’s issues and I was excited about the prospect of finally really digging into Gideon. Unfortunately that is not how it played out for me. Right off the bat, Eva is dealing with some left over emotions concerning Brett Kline. I am like. …what??? I thought that particular door closed for Eva in EWY at the Golden video premiere. She realized she loved Gideon completely and although she may have a sexual chemistry with Brett, their relationship would never resume. She belonged with Gideon. I felt the only lingering storyline concerning Brett was the sex tape. …guess I was wrong. This bothered me for a couple reasons. I felt this drama was contrived only to be a filler. ….I felt this issue was resolved also Eva’s conflict over Brett seemed to set her back a few steps. ….taking her back to that desperate girl who used sex to try and keep him. That is not the Eva that has been growing stronger and stronger in the past 3 books. I didn’t get angry with Eva, but I truly didn’t understand why Ms. Day chose to take Eva’s character in this direction. I did get frustrated with the fact it seem to take Eva much too long to really deal with the Brett situation and would have preferred to see it wrap with more quickly. Something different happened in Captivated By You, rather than just experiencing Eva’s point of view Gideon had a turn to express his inner thoughts. It should have been awesome crawling into Gideon’s head, but honestly Gideon and Eva’s voice seemed to be exactly the same. I really couldn’t distinguish between the two “different” views. In the past books, I thought Ms. Day did an excellent job of allowing readers to really understand Gideon even though we only saw him through Eva’s eyes. And while it was nice to hear from the man himself, I am not quite sure I liked it. Gideon is not really good at telling Eva anything and he was doing things, manipulating situations and people without communicating with Eva. I found that I didn’t like that aspect of him. He knows how much Eva hates that. Gideon has seen how secrets have stressed Eva and Monica’s relationship so I was frustrated seeing him do the exact same thing knowing full well that these actions were going to cause problems later on. The best part to Gideon’s point of view was being about to see how truly damaged he is from his past. I think I expected more growth from Gideon in this book. He has slowly started making changes to heal and confront his past in the previous books, but I really wanted to see more of that in this book and I didn’t get that until the very end of the book. I am sure in book 5 Gideon will really start to the process, but I expected more. Captivated did answer some questions that have been floating around in my head, but not all questions of course were answered. I thought some loose ends were tied up a little too quickly. For example, I have been wondering what the hell was going on with Nathan’s bracelet and basically it was answered in two pages. When I finished CBY, I turned the page and saw the title for book 5 and I can tell you quite frankly I don’t feel any excitement for the next installment. I don’t have that dread of waiting a year or six months for it either. I feel let down; as far as I am concerned books 3 and 4 could have been combined. I feel like the past 2 books have not taken the characters far enough and the series seems to have lost that momentum. I don’t know if that is because of the long wait between installments or if that the characters are not as vibrant as they were in the beginning. I will definitely be reading the last book; it just won’t be with the enthusiasm and excitement I had before. I had no problem with Ms. Day extending the series by 2 books, but I don’t feel like extra books have added anything to series or strengthen the characters or the storyline. -Read Reviews-

*Possible Spoiler Alert**Yawn* Was there a purpose to this book? Unless the purpose behind this book was an attempt at driving this series into the ground, then congratulations, it was a success. This book is similar to ordering a box of candies from a company that you’ve trusted in the past, and they send you a huge box, and you think that it’s going to be filled with all sorts of goodness, but then you open the box, and it’s filled with nothing but packing peanuts, and you keep searching thinking that you’re going to find something, and finally after going through all the packaging, you find a caramel. The packing peanuts in this book are the sex scenes, and try as you may to search through all of them, but you aren’t going to find a caramel, maybe a piece of butterscotch candy. Because I enjoy erotica, it pains me to say “Enough with the sex”, please, we get it, we also get that they need each other to survive, Gideon is the yin to Eva’s yang, he can’t breathe without her, his body hurts not being inside her, they feel each other’s presence before they see each other, their skin aches when they part, WE GET THIS, IT WAS ESTABLISHED OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER IN ALL THREE PREVIOUS BOOKS. Seriously, they have sex before work, while on the way to work, while at work, and then after work, at this point I would be happy just to see either one standing at the water cooler talking to a co-worker about the last episode of The Walking Dead, effing anything but the two of them effing. It would be nice to read one of having an independent scene without the other waiting in the shadows. It would be interesting to see Eva going to California without Gideon trailing, as it would to read about Eva going to lunch without Gideon waiting a table close-by, it would have been interesting to read any scene without them together, because as we all find out, they can’t be together without engaging in sex. That’s is all there is to this book is the sex, and although I like sex scenes, it would be nice to have a little storyline to go along with it. I skipped through dozens of pages because the sex is a yawn fest. This series began with beautiful, wealthy, interesting yet flawed and damaged people, but has turned into a series about beautiful co-dependents that I seriously doubt can take a p*ss without the other one holding his/her hand. I now loathe Cary, instead of him being a supporter and friend to Eva, all he thinks about is how her every move is going to impact him. This book is essentially the three of them discussing sex, making each other miserable, whining and complaining, but can’t be away from each other for longer than an hour. C’mon, how ridiculous is it that Gideon wants Cary to move in the penthouse that he and Eva are having remodeled so that Cary doesn’t feel deserted. Gideon has turned into a pansy, frantic schoolgirl, but instead of passing notes of “Do you like me, yes or no?”, he sends texts. Corrine having sex with Angus would be more interesting than to reading this, watching paint dry on the walls would be more interesting than this story. As with book three (Entwined with You) in this series, nothing was resolved, nothing new occurred, it was basically a repeat of book three. The name of this book should have been: Entwined with You Version 2. 0, or Gideon Has Sex With Eva Again and Again and Again and Again and Again and Again and Again and Again. Save your money folks, nothing new going on here. I included a “Possible Spoiler Alert” because I wasn’t sure if saying nothing new occurred would be a spoiler.

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