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Captivate: The Science of Succeeding with People Audiobook – Unabridged Vanessa Van Edwards (Author, Narrator),

In my official review (see the "Editorial Reviews" section above. ..) I mentioned that everything Vanessa does is captivating, but this book is her masterpiece. Im honestly not sure how she does it allher people skills lab, her highly-rated Science of People website, a dozen courses that have been taken by hundreds of thousands of studentsbut somehow she does, and she does it well. But heres the other thing, which is directly related to this book. (Short version: if youre on the fence, buy it. ) In the social sciences world, there are essentially two approaches, one academic and one popular. Aside from the pages of the Atlantic and the occasional TED talk, these schools rarely intersect. The academics have research on their side, and the popular crowd has, well, an actual audience. Vanessa is the extremely rare exception to this polarization: she has research on her side, and she knows how to present it! You can read this book like you would read People magazine except when you finish, youll be smarter, not dumber. Im buying a dozen copies for my friends, and 100+ copies for the event I produce in Oregon every summer. By the way, I know Vanessa personally but I purchased my copies at regular price, from Amazon and my local bookstore Powells, and I also didnt ask her if I could write this. Im not sure if shed approve of my reference to People magazine (sorry! I mean well). Either way, YOU should take a chance on this book. It just might change your life. Check it out!

Captivate: The Science of Succeeding with People Audiobook – Unabridged Vanessa Van Edwards (Author, Narrator), Review

This masterpiece was incredible! I give Van Edwards Full marks on readability, engaging content, applicable skills, and overall. Her decade of research has culminated into this very easily read, yet extremely insightful book. This book has helped me elevate some newer friendships, and has decreased my awkwardness/social anxiety. I encourage everyone to read this, because if everyone did, the world would be a much more relational place. -Read Reviews-

This is neither a content dense book nor is it an outstanding book. I am very skeptical when nearly every review is five stars, even though they say Verified Purchase. That isn’t statistically possible with this book for objective people to come to that conclusion. I am only commenting because I buy books based on the reviews and these reviews are very out of line with this merits of this book. Most chapters underdeliver. They have subtitles like "How to get along with anyone" or "How to crack someone’s personality" but the actual content is very light. You aren’t going to learn how to get along with everyone from this book. This isn’t a zero star book because the author does aggregate academic research done on the topics she discussed. I came across roughly a dozen new concepts or facts to think about which made the book worthwhile. The author is passionate about the subject and you will learn something with a careful read. These aren’t major issues but little things like mentioning TED talks throughout, name dropping Bill Maher and Aziz Ansari, living in Portland, calling the New York Times "a world-renowned news agency that we should learn from," and calling a guy who started the Citizens of the World Charter School a hero of education are circumstantial evidence of the author being more prone than usual to fluff and psychobabble. The author also has an immature writing style using words like awesome constantly.

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