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Captain Underpants and the Attack of the Talking Toilets: Color Edition (Captain Underpants #2) Hardcover – January 7, 2014 by Dav Pilkey (Author)

My then 9 year old fell in love with these books and had to own every single one of them so he could read them over and over again. Once he finds a series he loves he cant ever seem to put them down, this was easily one of his favorites. My youngest who is now 8 is getting into them as well. It takes a lot of to get him interested in a series of books but I love to hear him in his room laughing as he reads through the books. Dav Pilkey uses his incredibly gifted imagination to write a very entertaining book for all ages. George and Harold’s ideas while at first seem innocent enough they end up causing dilemmas that even the amazing Captain Underpants can’t resolve. Instead of panicking, George and Harold come up with crazy ideas that surprisingly work and save the day, plus more! Check it out!

From Publishers Weekly In this worthy sequel to The Adventures of Captain Underpants, Pilkey maintains the original’s satiric, self-referential formula as he revisits fourth-grade pranksters Harold and George, along with their school principal and principle nemesis, Mr. Krupp (aka superhero Captain Underpants). Trouble begins when Harold and George sabotage a science fair and are punished with “The Invention Convention Detention.” Bored, the boys collaborate on a comic book about Talking Toilets. To their surprise, the Toilets come to life and Mr. Krupp’s alter ego is called into service. Worst of all, even the brave Captain Underpants may be no match for the Toilets’ leader, “nearly a ton of twisting steel and raging porcelain” known as the TT 2000. Pilkey illustrates in uncomplicated black-and-white line drawings with washes of gray, and offers “Flip-O-RamaTM,” which requires turning a page back and forth for low-low-budget animation (“Don’t forget to add your own sound-effects!”). He promises “extremely graphic violence” in scenes of “a giant toilet getting its shiny hiney kicked,” ridicules teachers named “Ms. Ribble” and “Miss Anthrope” and decides that the story just wouldn’t be complete without “upchucking.” Bart Simpson could learn a few things from the subversively hilarious Harold and George, who consider inventing a robot urinal (“The Urinator”), then decide, “They’ll never let us get away with that in a children’s book. We’re skating on thin ice as it is!” Ages 7-10. Copyright 1999 Reed Business Information, Inc. –This text refers to the School & Library Binding edition.

Captain Underpants and the Attack of the Talking Toilets: Color Edition (Captain Underpants #2) Hardcover – January 7, 2014 by Dav Pilkey (Author) Review

Started buying this series for my husband to read to our toddler on his nights to read! My husband was griping that he only had a few books that he would read to our son because of his own preference so we got a captain underpants and haven’t looked back! My husband enjoys reading these to our 3 year old son and our son loves daddy’s enthusiasm, voices and excitement reading them! Wonderful buy for any dad’s looking for books they enjoy reading as well! -Read Reviews-

My 8-year-old loves this series. I was happy to find the volume he wanted at a good price and it was here fast with Prime Shipping. At this point as long as he is reading, I am happy!

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