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Capresso 427.01 Elegance 10-Cup Coffeemaker, Black

I almost didn’t buy this product after the numerous poor reviews. I am very (VERY) particular regarding my coffee. I have been using a tea kettle (to ensure proper heating) and french press (typically with an African coffee, but also like the LaMinta and some Indonesian coffee); however, of late, I have been entertaining more and needed a <gasp> regular coffee maker. My wife did some research online and I then looked at this maker as a possible choice. The negative reviews really put me off. However, it has all of the features I wanted and none of the gimmicks that a real coffee drinker needs. Let me address some of the misleading information in these reviews:(1) the filtration system is not "messy". It is easily removed if you already use filtered water and will dramatically improve the flavor of coffee made with tap water. (2) you do not need to "eye mark" the water levels. the interior of the water reservior is clearly marked with water level indicators. (3) I do not find this coffee "weak". In fact, the conical gold-tone filter will enhance the flavor as the water is exposed to more grounds than the flat filters. Furthermore, the filter will not absorb the coffee oils (unlike paper) which are an essential part of the flavor. (4) "Small serving control": put less water in, put less coffee in, and turn it on. If you can’t figure that out, you shouldn’t be drinking coffee but kool-aid. However, if small serving control refers to pulling out the carafe prior to the completion of brewing, then this capresso does not have that feature. Please note that a coffee aficionado would NEVER use that feature anyway. It results in brackish, bitter coffee from the oversteeping of the grounds. In summation, if you appreciate fine coffee, Capresso is the Cadillac of coffee makers. Capresso makes better models than this; however, for the price you cannot do better. Check it out!

This 10-cup (50-ounce) coffeemaker will help you get going in the morning–its digital clock with programmable timer means a hot cup o’ joe will be waiting when you get out of bed. The auto shutoff keeps coffee hot for two hours, then turns the machine off in case you forget. The coffeemaker can be used with or without the water filtration system, which removes chlorine taste and improves water quality. Both the water container and filter insert are removable, and the machine will work just fine underneath low-hanging, 16-inch cabinets. If you just can’t wait for that first cup, its drip-stop function lets you pour from the carafe during brewing. This machine comes with a little measuring scoop, a GoldTone filter, and a one-year limited warranty. –Doree Armstrong




Capresso 427.01 Elegance 10-Cup Coffeemaker, Black Review


This review is written by someone who’s owned Bunn, Krups (both drip and espresso machines), Melitta (both electric and manual), Braun and a Chemex. From my experience, this Capresso model 427 outshines all other electric drip coffeemakers i’ve owned for one important reason: It makes hotter coffee. The importance of this can’t be overstated–especially for those of us who use milk in our coffee or just like to linger over a cup and appreciate it staying hot. The machine is easy to use and comes equipped with a water-filtration system ( i use bottled water so can’t make an informed judgment on its performance) and a gold-tone filter. Should you prefer paper filters, which trap oils and sediment metallic filters can’t, they may also be used. Brewing time appears to be similar to other electrics i’ve owned. The removable filter basket makes disposal of used grounds quick and neat. This model comes equipped with an automatic shutoff set at 2 hours, a forgiving backup for the overly occupied dashing out after breakfast. If truly hot coffee with the convenience of a drip machine are important–look no further. -Read Reviews-

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10-cup coffee maker with digital clock and programmable timer

Pour a cup midbrew with convenient brew-pause feature

Auto shutoff keeps coffee hot for 2 hours, then turns machine off

Water filtration system; removable water container; GoldTone filter

Measures 12-1/4 by 7-1/2 by 13-1/4 inches; 1-year warranty

I’m not sure if I would be so enthusiastic about it were it still $(. ..) or so, but I bought it when it first dipped to $(. ..) w/ free shipping, so I was pretty excited. Most reviewers have criticized the build quality, but I think it’s better than average. The filter has a holder which then slides into the door, but if you’re not slamming the door or the holder, it should be fine. The brew path is very simple and easy to keep clean – that’s pretty rare. I really only have 2 caveats. First, there’s no external marker to show how much water you’ve poured in. You’ll quickly get the hang of “eye-marking” water levels in the basin and I appreciate the efforts to keep the exterior clean, but it will be a nuissance the first few times you use it. Second, I would ditch using the water filter because you have to replace it every 6 weeks. If you’re using filtered water to begin with (I highly recommend the Pur faucet mounts), the charcoal filter is a non-issue.

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