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Canon Elph 2 APS Camera Kit

Handy little (very compact with zoom) snapshot camera that I have used many times when I forgot my cell phone. This camera fits easily in a shirt pocket. Also I get a negative as it uses film so I can make duplicate pix if needed. Canon experimented with a new film format (only possible drawback) on this camera so finding the film cartridges locally may be a problem for you. I did find some film cartridges at my local photo store and it wasn’t a problem, but I live in LA (which can be a problem at times in itself)! Check it out!

Product description very good The Canon Elph 2 is one of the world’s smallest Advanced Photo System cameras equipped with a 2x zoom lens. Even though it is constructed of durable stainless steel, it still weighs a mere 6 ounces and is about the size of a deck of cards. It is a fully automatic point-and-shoot that you can take anywhere.The Canon Elph 2 has an all-glass aspherical lens with hybrid autofocus, automatic exposure control, a built-in flash with red-eye reduction, and intuitive film speed setting. It also offers a 10-second self-timer that is compatible with an optional RC-5 remote. Along with these foolproof features, you get the ease of use of the APS format, which includes drop-in film loading, midroll change, and an array of other user-friendly features. You can choose among three print formats–classic, group, or panoramic–as well as a number of date imprint options.The Canon Elph 2 operates on a lithium CR-2 battery. This kit includes a battery, a carrying case, a strap, and a roll of film so you can start snapping pictures right away. The kit also includes a one-year manufacturer’s warranty on parts and labor.




Canon Elph 2 APS Camera Kit Review


I purchased this camera to document my last six-months in the Navy. It’s small (hides well in my uniform pocket) , quiet (good for taking pictures where you’re not supposed to) and attractive. It’s a very sturdy little camera, I’ve abused it terribly and it shows no battle-scars whatsoever. It loads and rewinds very quickly, an asset when snapping off photos of landing jets or eluding sunsets. ..Great camera, I recommend this little gem. It catches the impossible blues of the ocean that most cameras dull out into a grey hue. -Read Reviews-

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Tiny automatic Advanced Photo System camera with a 2x zoom lens

APS features such as midroll change and 3 print formats

Easy drop-in film loading

Automatic flash with red-eye reduction mode

Includes case, battery, and film

Bulkless and powerful, this camera was a fantastic addition to my arsenal of Canons. Since it has all metal parts, it feels weighty and substantial, not at all fragile. Keep it in its’ case to keep the brushed aluminum from getting scratched, and since it’s so little, keep good track of it. It’s easily misplaced at parties. ..My Elph takes beautiful photos, so long as I get them developed at a reputable place (smaller photo joints might forget to reset their enlargers for panoramic prints, and the prints are grainy and weak, which is a bummer). I love the APS format film and only wish that more people would make frames and albums to suit them!

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