Buy “Cannon UPMM Large Wood Maracas Musical Instruments” Online

Cannon UPMM Large Wood Maracas

Very professional maracas. You can hold both between your fingers and roll them around or Shake in time with the music by the side of your microphone while you are singing. The weight is perfect. I have been a professional Entertainer all my life. I love all the percussive instruments I have purchased from Amazon. Check it out!

CANNON Large Wood Maracas

Cannon UPMM Large Wood Maracas Review

These maracas are definitely nice for the inexpensive price. Without the made in china stickers you will never know they aren’t from old Mexico. Nice lacquer finish and a soft, sandy rattle. -Read Reviews-

Student quality Mexican maracas

Great product for the starting percussionist

Large wood

Have to say these are Great! nice sound and fun to use. Super price for these quality Maracas. colors and shine are beautiful. Wife and I love these things.

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