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Canciones De Mi Padre (Remastered)

My 5 star rating applies to all 3 of the Spanish language albums. All three were digital recordings, so I wondered how much better than the originals they would actually sound. There is an improvement, and they’re well worth the money for the price — or any price, for that matter. I know that she has stated that the best work she ever did was her work with Nelson Riddle. Those are truly great recordings, but I would have to say that her best singing is on the Spanish language recordings. Her vocal control is incredible and she never comes close to hitting a flat note. I don’t speak Spanish, so I have no idea what she’s saying, but who cares, the singing and musical arrangements are outstanding. Linda Ronstadt is America’s all-time greatest female singer. She’s equally comfortable — and effective — doing standards, Spanish language recordings, Country and Rock. My wife and I were lucky enough to have seen her live 4 times. One of the times we saw her in Massachusetts was around her 50th birthday, when she was touring with Marvin Hamlisch. In between songs when it was quiet, my wife stood up and shouted, Happy Birthday, Linda, and she acknowledged and thanked her. We’ll never forget that. She is a National Treasure and deserves to be honored by this nation — NOW, not after she’s gone. Finally, I’m begging Rhino to remaster the Nelson Riddle albums. They deserve to be released, and we deserve to hear them, in the best sound possible. Check it out!

This album has been out of print for several years. Rhino is bringing it back newly remastered. This is the first release of Linda’s three Spanish language records, and has sold over 10M worldwide since its release in 1987.

Canciones De Mi Padre (Remastered) Review

Awesome recording of traditional Mexican songs by one of the finest sets of pipes ever. Linda could sing a Chinese take out menu and it would be brilliant. Nothing else to say. Even if you THINK you won’t like this-trust me, you will LOVE this. You will be trilling your Rs and singing along. One of my favorite "folk" music albums of all time! -Read Reviews-

One of the criticisms of Linda Ronstadt during her career is that although she has a beautiful voice, she is somewhat lacking in emotive expression. In “Songs of my Father” she does honor to the Mariachi songs of her Mexican-American heritage and provides some of the most beautifully expressive singing of her career. With 10 million copies sold (double-platinum five times over) “Canciones” is the biggest selling non-English language recording in American history. She also won the Grammy for Best Mexican-American Performance. Backed by the most illustrious Mariachi band in the world – the famous Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlan (“El Mejor Mariachi Del Mundo” – “The Best Mariachi in the World”) and guided by Ruben Fuentes, this album works on all levels. The tunes are all mini-masterpieces. In addition to standouts “Tu Solo Tu”, “Por un Amor” and “Los Laureles”, all stirring love ballads, my single favorite is “Dos Arbolitos” – a song about “two little trees” that grow together, never separated, with their branches caressing each other as if they were lovers. For fans of traditional Mexican music – recordings don’t get better than this.

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