Buy “Calily Life Teeth Whitening Kit – 30 Treatments -Instant Professional Results -Includes 30 ML Whitening Gel + 20 ML Remineralization & Desensitization Gel + 3 Vitamin E Swabs + LED Oxidation Light Beauty” Online

Calily Life Teeth Whitening Kit – 30 Treatments –Instant Professional Results -Includes 30 ML Whitening Gel + 20 ML Remineralization & Desensitization Gel + 3 Vitamin E Swabs + LED Oxidation Light

I have tried using the whitening toothpastes and hadn’t had much luck with any brand. I figured why not try this. ..I wasn’t disappointed! After only a couple applications I can see a pretty noticeable difference in my teeth! I only left it on for 30 minutes each time. The directions are clear and easy to follow. The molds were super easy to mold to my teeth and not bulky or uncomfortable which I though they would be. It also comes with the light that you just hold in between your lips and it helps speed things along. I am very happy that I decided to try this and that it has made such a big difference so fast! Check it out!

The CalilyLife Teeth Whitening Kit includes full 30 treatments. No need to purchase any additional treatment supplies. Includes two custom fit mouth trays and a full supply of Whitening Gel, Remineralization and Desensitization Gel, Vitamin E Swabs and an Oxidation LED Light. Proudly produced in the USA and meets all oral and health safety guidelines and regulations. Get thirty (30) professional grade teeth whitening treatments in the comfort of your own home! The CalilyLife Teeth Whitening Kit is easy and quick 3-step process guaranteed to get your teeth brightly white, effortlessly and effectively removing years of staining. The whitening gel contains 44% Carbamide Peroxide and a specially formulated mixture of ingredients to powerfully remove deep stains, such as caused by coffee, tea, smoking, etc. Package includes simple to follow instructions. Instantly erases all types of unsightly stains. The included CalilyLife Teeth Whitening LED Light speeds up the whitening process by causing the gel to release more oxygen, which effectively accelerates the whitening process. The CalilyLife Teeth whitening opens up the pores allowing for stains to be removed. Open pores may cause teeth to be temporarily more susceptible to hot/cold temperatures. The Desensitization formula neutralizes any feelings of sensitivity. The gel also includes a remineralization formula; utilizing the opportunity of open pores to infuse healthy nutrients. Helps replenish natural calcium, strengthens enamel and helps retain the teeth whitening results. Includes also Vitamin E swabs to moisten and provide additional comfort to any feelings of sensitivity to the gums or lips. Package Includes: 3 Syringes Whitening Gel (10 ML each) 2 Syringes Remineralization (10 ML each) 2 Thermoplastic Mouth Trays 1 LED Oxidation Light Easy to follow instruction manual

Calily Life Teeth Whitening Kit – 30 Treatments –Instant Professional Results -Includes 30 ML Whitening Gel + 20 ML Remineralization & Desensitization Gel + 3 Vitamin E Swabs + LED Oxidation Light Review

I already whitened my teeth a couple shades professionally at the dentist and bought the take home kit and it whitened my teeth two, maybe two and a half shades. But I had a long way to go. Not only have I drank coffee and tea for years and used to drink Coke religiously, but I’ve smoked cannabis since I was thirteen and cigarettes since I was eighteen. I quit cigarettes and stopped having the desire to drink coffee four years ago (I’m 38 now and caffeine has never done anything to me) and stopped liking soda around the same time. But the damage was already done to my teeth and I still smoke cannabis. To put it mildly, bluntly and modernly, my teeth were yellow AF. I definitely did not want to give the dentist another seventy bucks for what I only saw as mild results from the take home kit. I had actually got two permanent moral crowns and a bridge and I had them make them two shades whiter than the rest of my teeth to motivate me to continue to whiten at home. I saw this had excellent reviews and was less expensive so I figured I’d give it a shot. Super happy with the results! I noticed a tiny improvement after only a day, and now that I’ve been using it for a week, my teeth are another couple shades lighter and I’ve only used a quarter of the kit. Maybe its the oxidization light? (the stuff from the dentist doesn’t use that and I had no idea about it before) I also really like the vitamin E swabs to protect my gums as they got really irritated from the stuff I used from the dentist. Why didn’t they suggest something like that or better yet, have something handy the give me? Nope, they were just like "your gums may be irritated" and didn’t provide me with an option like the swabs in this kit. As it has at various points in my life, Vitamin E saved the day. That stuff protects and heals like nothing else. I can’t believe how effective this has been using as much as I’ve used. I can’t wait to finish this teeth whitening kit. Someone once told me "You’re gonna be a stahh one day kid, a stahhh!" (I’m from Boston) Well they were dead wrong, but at least I can try to have a smile like one. Grab this whitening kit; you won’t be disappointed. -Read Reviews-

Really brightens your smile. Make sure you just put a small amount though otherwise it will seep up your exposed gums and cause major irritation (that goes away after a couple hours). It will spread once you set your mouthpiece on your teeth. Instructions say it all. I didn’t listen the first application. . Now I have it down pat. Really a great kit with professional results.

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