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Cable and X-Force Volume 4: Vendettas (Marvel Now) Paperback – April 15, 2014 by Dennis Hopeless (Author)

Awesome story. A lot of content packed into a short read. If you haven’t read the prior ones go back!! Hella dope. Check it out!

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Cable and X-Force Volume 4: Vendettas (Marvel Now) Paperback – April 15, 2014 by Dennis Hopeless (Author) Review

This is a very good series, good developments of several characters, most notably cable with his foster daughter hope, nemesis and forge were awesome, only one I think was written poorly was domino, felt her character was off and very shallow, but that is typical normal marvel female heroes, colossus was ok, but kinda dragged down by the the domino storyline. Liked the developments with x force versus’ shield and X-Men. Very good tension. Good humor as well. -Read Reviews-

This was a decent way to end this series, though I’d only recommend it if you really enjoy the characters featured here. Coincidentally, I picked this up shortly after I read the original Adversary story in Fall of the Mutants from way back in the ’80s, so I had the background needed to understand the first half of this volume. The second half has Hope revisiting some ghosts of her past, as she goes head-to-head with Stryfe and Bishop as the rest of Cable’s X-Force team comes into a confrontation with Storm’s Uncanny X-Force team. The full crossover is contained here as both titles ended after this and a new X-Force title started up. If you’ve come this far in the series and enjoyed it, it’s worth completing the set with this one. I don’t know if I would have kept buying this series for much longer, but I feel like this was just the right length for a fun run with some of my favorite characters from the X-Men universe.

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