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Bug Off 72R by 80 Instant Screen - Reversible Fits French Doors and Sliding Glass Doors

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Enjoy year round insect protection with the revolutionary walk-through, auto-close, Hands Free Screen Door. The Bug Off Hands Free Screen Door is the solution for parties and barbecues, providing hands free entry and exit for you, family, guests, and pets. Keep bugs out while letting fresh air in. The magnetic auto-close feature automatically shuts the screen each time you walk through it. It fits French Doors and sliders, plus can be installed in apartments, rentals, and condos. This is a great alternative to expensive custom screens and annoying sliding screens that come off the track. The Hands Free Screen is built with easy height and width adjustment, with 2 height adjust tunnels at the top allowing for installation on odd size doors.

Bug Off 72R by 80 Instant Screen – Reversible Fits French Doors and Sliding Glass Doors Review

We installed this in a french door opening just prior to hosting a Brownies campout at our cabin. It being in the deep country and the cabin having the only bright lights for hundreds of yards, you can imagine the mass of insects we draw from mosquitoes, to june bugs, to moths, and everything else. Installation took minutes, literally, which is all we had before the stampede of tennis shoes and sandals arrived. The weights kept it hanging even, and the magnets kept is closed. It was so effective that we kept the french doors open wide the entire day for air circulation. We did not, however, install the center brace at that time, which impacted stability. The only issues were that children under about 7 or 8 do not always have the awareness of surroundings to carefully part the opening when entering and exiting. This had the result of shifting one end of the bar downward, which created a buckle in the fabric at the opening. This would either make an opening that bugs could find, or worse would prevent the magnets from closing the opening. So from time to time we had to push it back up and threaten to make the offenders catch and eject all the bugs they let in. This might have been mitigated with the center bracket, not sure, and we will publish a second review after we get that installed as well. Not having the center bracket definitely allowed the rod to work its way lower over time and probably would have prevented that. UPDATE 07/23/2013We added the center bracket, and it made a significant difference in making sure the rod stayed in place. I will update again after a few more uses. -Read Reviews-

Side Opening – For customer who open just one of their French doors, or their sliding glass doors halfway

Made with USA Mesh and Magnets for superior durability and performance. – Installs without tools in 5 minutes

Keeps bugs out of your home without hassle – Works for people and pets

Provides magnetic hands-free entry and exit – No more slamming screens, or screens left open

14 Standard sizes – Save hundreds screening your French doors and tall doors

Specifically bought this because it said it would fit French doors. Unfortunately, this is not really the case. The screen is much more like hanging a curtain than anything else on the market. The screen goes on a rod, and you can put it through one of two tunnels for the screen to hang. I have a standard 80" high door. Even on the bottom rung and installing the adjustable tension rod as high as possible, the screen still drags on the floor and therefore doesn’t close properly. Add the fact that this product only has two magnet that must connect one on top of the other, as opposed to snapping in side by side, and this makes for a poor, sloppy design. In order to make this fit a ‘standard French door frame’ I would have to become a seamstress and make the length shorter, the width narrower and install better magnets. Also putting the rod through the lower tunnel leaves additional material that is squished up against the frame and just looks sloppy. For the price I paid, it simply isn’t worth all the hassle of adjustments to make to get this screen to sit properly.

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