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Buffy & Angel Chronicles Gift Set [VHS]

This is one of the best set of videos. The ending is extremely exciting. If you get this set, I promise you will love it. It includes:”Surprise” It is Buffy’s 17th birthday. Angel and Buffy start to get very close. At the end, something strange starts happening to Angel. “Innocence” Angel’s curse is broken. Buffy has to face an evil demon named The Judge, brought to life by Spike and the hilarious Drusilla. Can The Judge be stopped? You will love Buffy’s weapon. “Passion” Jenny Calendar tries to restore Angel’s soul. Angel finds out and hunts her. Heart-breaking ending. One of the best episodes ever. “I Only Have Eyes For You” A spirit of a student and a teacher possess Sunnydale High School. The deaths pile up. Angel shows up at the wrong time. “Becoming Part 1” Angel tries to resurrect the demon Acathla. Is everyone going to hell? How bad are things going to get? Drusilla has the answer. “Becoming Part 2” Angel captures Giles and tortures him. Two deaths are enough for Buffy. Spike wants to destroy Angel. Will she kill Angel or leave him with his soul? A shocking alliance is formed. You don’t want to miss this ending. Check it out!

Product Description This three-tape gift set features the episodes “Surprise” and “Innocence” (tape 1), “Old Passion” and “I Only Have Eyes for You” (tape 2), and “Becoming, Part 1” and “Becoming, Part 2” (tape 3). Joss Whedon’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer rocked the foundations of television and redefined the one-hour action-drama genre with its bleeding-edge humor, smartly crafted teenspeak, fascinating mythology, and the most ambitious of all themes–you know, that good versus evil thing. At the show’s heart is the romance between Buffy (the charming Sarah Michelle Gellar) and Angel (hunky David Boreanaz), the tortured vampire destined to walk the earth with a soul. These six episodes take the Buffy-Angel pas de deux from ecstasy to agony in a now-classic plot arc from the show’s second season. You see, if the cursed Angel ever experiences true happiness for a moment, he’ll revert to being an evil vampire again. And guess what happens after Buffy and Angel finally declare their love for one another and consummate their relationship… Episodes “Surprise” and “Innocence” chart the events of Buffy’s 17th birthday, when evil vamps Drusilla (Juliet Landau, Martin’s daughter) and Spike (drolly wicked James Marsters) plan a nefarious surprise party for the slayer, and Buffy wakes up the morning after to find her beloved Angel transformed into (literally) the boyfriend from hell. “Passion” and “I Only Have Eyes for You” chronicle the evil Angel’s ascent to power and the love-hate relationship that grows between him and the emotionally wracked Buffy. And the series’ ostensible high point, “Becoming, Part 1” and “Part 2,” finds Buffy going up against Angel as she fights to save the world from being sucked into hell. It all sounds like horror-action mayhem (and there are great ass-kicking fight scenes), but Buffy grapples with its themes of good and evil with amazing depth and intelligence, not to mention prentention-deflating humor. And oh man, the love story! Buffy and Angel’s tragic relationship is one of the most heartbreaking you’ll ever find. Buffy’s final dilemma finds her having to save the world at Angel’s expense, and Gellar (who deserves a passel of Emmys for her work) is phenomenal at telegraphing Buffy’s swirling conflicts between love and duty. Fans of the series, as well as newbies to the world of Buffy, will find this outstanding video set indispensable–it’s some of the best TV ever made, period. –Mark Englehart




Buffy & Angel Chronicles Gift Set [VHS] Review


Finally–the heart of the Buffy mythos is available on video! These episodes are among the very best of one of the very best shows on TV, and capture the reasons the series hooked me in the first place: the characters, especially Buffy, are real people you can’t help but empathize with, and the show consistently uses its supernatural monsters to mirror real-life relationships and, most effectively, the pain of love gone awry. "Surprise" and "Innocence" cleverly offer a supernatural twist on an all-too-familiar real-life trauma–like many another girl before her, Buffy discovers the morning after her first tryst with her beloved that he’s changed. ..into a beast with no soul. It may sound glib, but thanks to excellent writing and a heart-rending performance by Gellar, the story is completely, painfully real. "I Only Have Eyes for You" is one of the show’s regrettably few ghost stories, and offers brilliant plotting and poignant, nostalgic ’50s atmosphere. And the incomparable "Becoming," parts one and two, offers flashbacks that illustrate Angel’s and Buffy’s initiations into their present roles as vampire and slayer, respectively. The only viewers who may not appreciate the exquisite agony of this story line should be those who missed the foregoing episodes that established the depth and intensity of Buffy and Angel’s love. Everyone else should make sure there’s kleenex within reach and enjoy. These are required viewing for any Buffy or Angel fan–and should convert a good many of the unenlightened as well. -Read Reviews-

Be honest. Action series with female leads have a rough row to how in our society. Imagine someone saving the world from armageddon or being the Chosen One to protect mankind from the forces of evil, and names like Arnold and Sylvester come to mind, perhaps followed closely by Jean Claude or Bruce or Chuck. Big muscles and a hairy chest were prerequesites. Then along came this small, attractive girl: Buffy The Vampire Slayer. The name is almost an oxymoron in and of itself. AND IT WORKS! Gentle, naieve, with a team of laughable sidekicks who manage, week after week, to defeat the forces of evil, defend mankind, and grow up into a bunch of totally likable, if strange, adults. Along the way, the show portrays comedy, drama, tragedy, romance, and some of the best fight choreography on tv today. And now they even have a pretty good musical episode. Watch it, enjoy it. We need all the heroes we can get, and Buffy is a genuine hero.

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