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Bubba The Cowboy Prince Paperback – 1998 by Helen Ketteman (Author)

This book is adorable and fun to read. The illustrations are beautiful. You can’t help but adopt a twang like you are born-and-raised-Texan when reading it. I am guilty of steering my son to it at book-before-bedtime many times. My son has a short attention span with most books. Much more than a sentence or two, and he’s already flipping the page. But not with Bubba and Miz Lurleen. He actually waits until the end of each page (with SEVERAL sentences!!) before flipping to the next. Yes, the book is an adaptation of the original “Cinderella,” but that definitely doesn’t mean it falls into the “same-old” category. It is different from most children’s books. (Thank goodness, I can only read so many times how dinosaurs do this or that. )If you are looking to buy one fun, new children’s book, I highly recommend this one. The hardback is a good size with a sturdy cover, making it a nice present for the youngin’ in your life. Enjoy! Check it out!

Bubba is bossed around his family ranch by his wicked stepdad and his nasty stepbrothers. bubba never complains, though. He’s a real cowboy – tough as leather and cute as a cow’s ear!

Bubba The Cowboy Prince Paperback – 1998 by Helen Ketteman (Author) Review

We now have a few copies of this book in our school library. We cant keep it in the library. The children just love it. WHAT TO READ NEXT. GRANDMA’S PUPPY: THE FUN PUPPY -Read Reviews-

Our whole family LOVES Bubba! This is a fantastic, extremely funny twist on the old “Cinderella” tale. The art work is amazing – we delight in the illustrations and the book is just plain fun to read! My daughter adores the fact that Bubba [the “boy” Cinderella in this tale] wants to go to the ball with Miz Lurlene [its a cool change!]. We read this in a Texas drawl [you almost can’t help it!] and just have loads of laughs with every re-reading. We originally checked this out of the library on a whim and have since bought our own copy [and will probably be giving copies for birthday presents too!]. This book is money well spent – and one I truly don’t mind reading for the 3,000th time!

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