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Brunswick TZone Hot Lava Bowling Ball

This is a great ball that comes at a reasonable price. The color is a concoction of yellow, red, and orange in a sherbet-like blend. It really stands out on the rack when it is next to a bunch of dark and drab balls. This ball goes straight as an arrow which makes it a good beginner ball or for spares. If you didn’t know, you do have to get the finger holes drilled. Overall, this is a great ball that stands out. Check it out!

It’s always good to have a spare, and now our already impressive TZone line is better than ever with improved colors that glow even brighter under black light. Get pinpoint accuracy and show your style.

Brunswick TZone Hot Lava Bowling Ball Review

Got this for my daughter in Oct. for her birthday. Got the holes drilled locally and the guy warned us these lightweight balls have a foam core and often crack. Sure enough, we’re bowling the first week of Jan. and she noticed cracks in the ball. She doesn’t treat it badly. At 18 she knows to roll the ball and not loft it, which damages both the ball and the lanes. I’ll be contacting Amazon for a replacement, and if that one cracks, we’ll have to step up to something more expensive through the bowling alleys, I guess. -Read Reviews-

Coverstock: Polyester

Finish: High Gloss Polish

A few tiny pit holes in the cover stock of the ball are normal

I am bowling on a league for the first time in over twenty years. Tonight was the first night, and this ball performed just fine, even if I didn’t. Haha! A person on the other team commented that it was very pretty.

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