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Brunswick TZone Green Envy Bowling Ball

Bought this plastic ball almost exclusively to use for ten pin because it doesn’t break. I bought ball one pound lighter than my regular ball and this works out great. Am now making those terrible ten pin leaves. Tried it for the 7 pin but stuck with my regular hooking ball for left side leaves. My average continues to increase as a result of hitting that darn 10 pin Check it out!

It’s always good to have a spare, and now our already impressive TZone line is better than ever with improved colors that glow even brighter under black light. Get pinpoint accuracy and show your style.

Brunswick TZone Green Envy Bowling Ball Review

I purchased this ball for my autistic son who loves to bowl. He picked out the color and we got it on sale. It’s a beautiful color and he is in love with this ball and won’t use any other ball. His game has improved with each use. It cost more to customize drill and engrave than the ball. And I saw a similar used ball for upwards of $100. It’s a great buy. I hope I can find me one just as good at the same price. -Read Reviews-

Coverstock: Polyester. Finishing Steps: High-gloss polish. Weights: 6, 8-16 lbs.

RG Max: 2.71G Min: 2.69G Differential: .019 .

RG Average: 8.7. Hook Potential: 25. Length: 235.

Breakpoint Shape: 30.

I recently started bowling regularly in a league, after just subbing for a few years using a house ball, and decided to go ahead and purchase a ball and bag. The balls in the pro shop were just hideous, either with ridiculous prices or all kinds of junk writing all over them in bright orange or lime green. Yuk. So I did an search and found this one. It’s a beautiful shade of emerald green and the “T Zone” writing isn’t obnoxious. I really like it. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars was that it arrived with a very visible scratch on it, but the guy who did the drilling was able to buff most of it out. Still, it was a great value and I feel like I got a good product without breaking the bank. If you’re a “shade tree” bowler like me, I highly recommend it.

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